Getting Started in Junior Golf Made Easy – part 2

Welcome back!

I’ll share from Linda and I that we are truly enjoying the opportunity to share with you our experience as golf-parents. Our road has been a long and adventurous one and we are so glad to help you in any way we can. Shoot us an email with any questions or concerns and we will get back with you ASAP

Be sure to check out our previous post for part 1, which includes tips 1-5.

6.  Get an eye exam.  Golf demands excellent vision at all distances.  You would not believe how many juniors had no idea they needed vision help until they had an eye exam. We want our JG to start off on his or her best foot right from the beginning.

7.  Get a general physical exam.  Golf has its own types of physical requirements – a lot of walking for sure, carrying a golf bag, dealing with heat and cold, as well as the everyday stress and strain of growing up. You certainly want to know if your JG has any physical issues that need to be addressed before he or she gets out on the course.

8.  Buy a cap or hat.  These keep hair and the sun out of the eyes and sweat off of the forehead. You have so many styles to choose from, visors, floppies, wide-brim, flat-brim, baseball caps, or cowboy hats – if it works for your JG it will work in the game.

9.  Corrective lenses.  If your kiddo wears corrective lenses, you will want to discuss with their eye doctor the best lenses to fit them with for a combination of these types of vision needs:

  • distance-so they can see where their shots go,
  • close up-3 to 4 feet so they can clearly see the ball at address
  • close up wide view-in other words a big field of view so the ball stays in the same vision plane on their lens when they make a swing-if the head moves during the swing, the ball can go in and out of the vision plane and this is very distracting.

10.  Lessons and practice.  Please refer to our post on 7 Tips to Finding Your Best Golf Coach. 

11. Be a Junior Golf Encourager for your kiddo!  Your excitement and enjoyment of the game will be   contagious.

If your young person is not “on fire” for golf right now, be encouraged by this real life example:  A very dear friend and scratch golfer has been offering to take his wife and three daughters out to play golf for a number of years.  And the response has been lukewarm at best.  Now all of the women in his life want to learn how to play golf, and they decided to get into the swing of things at the same time!  Explain it?  No way!  But Seth has been leading these ladies down the “golf” path, not pushing them into it. To say he is very excited at their increased level of interest would be an understatement.

OK.  Print this out.  Stick it in your purse or pocket and get started on having some of the greatest times of your life with your Junior Golfer!

Get out there and have fun! – Sam

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