College Bound Tip #2 for Parents of Junior Golfers – Persistence

As I mentioned in part one, college bound tips #1 and #2 are must haves for families where the Junior Golfer is considering playing college golf!  We call them the Two P’s and without them the odds of your child playing college golf are slim to none.

So Parents, “Fasten your seatbelts!”  The second P is Persistence-as in your persistence to relentlessly do the behind-the-scenes work necessary for your junior golfer’s success.

Persistence, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is to be unrelenting, someone who never gives up. Ceaseless.Sam Goldfarb III signing with TAMIU

Yes, to use some old show business terminology, your child is the show and you are the go.  You, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt or Uncle are the ones who must always be there for your Junior Golfer.

Taking care of the details required to pursue junior golf takes some getting used to, but depending on your attitude it can be a lot of fun.

Your responsibilities include:

1.  Encouraging your child to make good grades-no pass, no play starts in high school if not earlier

2.  Providing the funding for proper clothing, equipment, range fees, green fees and tournament entry fees

3.  Researching and scheduling the tournaments in your area and getting your kiddo’s entries in on time

4.  Driving or arranging transportation to and from practices and events

5.  Confirming with your Junior Golfer that you and the whole family support their efforts

6.  Taking on all the behind-the-scene organizational details so your Junior Golfer only needs to focus on scholastics and golf

7.  Immersing your kiddo in the wonderful world of junior golf by setting up as many practices and tournaments as your wallet and their psyche can handle

Together, the Two P’s – Passion & Persistence, give your Junior Golfer a great start down the road to college golf.

Let’s get out there and play some golf… Sam

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