Review This for Better Junior Golf Scores

Setting goals is an important part of every Junior Golfer’s regimen. I will begin by addressing why reasonable goal setting is important and how to set these goals for your Junior Golfer. Next I will flesh out two types of goals imperative in guiding your Junior Golfer throughout his or her golf career.

Why Reasonable Goal Setting Is Important

Having reasonable goals gives your Junior Golfer an immediate sense of purpose… answering, “Why am I playing golf?” and “Where can my passion for the game take me?”.

Reasonable Goals help them walk the path to success: step 1 leads to step 2, step 2 leads to step 3, etc. Achieving a goal may stand alone or enable them to advance to the next level of competition. A sense of confidence and self-assurance comes with every reasonable goal that is met. Without reasonable goals, there is really no purpose and no endgame for your Junior Golfer.

Parents please remember what I shared in a previous post, this journey begins with your child’s passion for the game enhanced by your persistence to support them. Without both p’s in play you and your child may be having fun but you’re not pursuing competitive golf. Your persistent support and encouragement is key to keeping your kiddo’s passion alive. If your Junior Golfer is not exhibiting a deep passion for golf today, ask them to putt, hit balls or play 9 holes with you. Whatever gets a club in his or her hand, your goal here is to have fun… Try it and see what happens.

How To Set Some Reasonable Goals

First and foremost, be realistic. Goals are mainly determined by the age and/or skill level of your Junior Golfer, so a 7-year old girl will have very different goals than a 14-year old boy. She may be trying to just make contact with the ball and he may be trying to break 80. Parents and Junior Golfer’s must agree to be aware of their goals and consistently pursue them… together.

One of the best ways to keep a constant reminder and awareness of your Junior Golfer’s goals is to have them, hand-write all their goals, (hand writing makes it more personal) 6 or 8 goals at one time is plenty… on multiple pieces of paper… all papers have all the goals hand-written on them.

Tape the goals in conspicuous places:
1. Front of their bedroom door
2. Back of their bedroom door
3. Front of their closet door
4. On their dresser mirror
5. On their bathroom mirror
6. Inside of their school locker

You get the idea… they need to see these goals everywhere within their space. (More on “goal specifics” in previous posts on golf and academic goals)

If you and your Junior Golfer are already setting goals, now is a good time to look at them from last year and evaluate how things turned out. Did you accomplish more than half? Were you pleased or disappointed? No sweat, in my next post I will identify our first type of goals and show you some specific ways to state them and pursue them that will increase your chances for success.

Now, why don’t you and your Junior Golfer do some putting drills on the carpet? Come on now, you can both put 15 minutes to this, LOL

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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