Momentum Helps Your Junior Golfer Succeed

Mo, Mo, Mo…we hear about it all the time in other sports… Momentum… and it exists in golf, as well. Mo is more obvious when you are playing but it can also show up, or not, during practice.

Your Junior Golfer will either have momentum or they won’t have it, but their Mo can change very quickly. It is important for your kiddo to recognize that Mo really does exist and they can use it to their advantage.

How do you know if if you “have Mo” or you don’t? It is simple, if they are hitting good shot after good shot and are scoring well, they “have Mo”. If they are just playing barely OK or are struggling, they certainly do not “have Mo”.

Momentum can easily change several times during 18 holes. This was very visible at the recent WGC Cadillac Championship when Graham McDowell was hoping to catch Tiger Woods during the final round. G’Mac started with a couple of birdies to close the gap and then in the middle of his round, had a 3-putt or a bogey and it seemed to take the steam (read-Momentum) right out of his game.
By the time G’Mac regained some Mo, it was too late in the round and Tiger’s lead was too large. So if McDowell had not lost Mo or had gotten it back sooner, he would have had a chance to catch Tiger.

Golfers at all levels are affected by Momentum and Your Junior Golfer may feel the impact even more than the older golfers. Next time we’ll look at how to keep the Momentum going and how to get it back when it disappears.

Now, grab your young athlete and go to the driving range.

Til next time, Sam.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by 3boymom169 on July 2, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    I love that I came across this. I am four years behind you on my son’s journey. In fact, I just decided to privately blog my son’s journey on wordpress, today. I’ve read through your different posts and have shaken my head, ” yes; absolutely; been there”, etc. It is such a wild ride for the parents/families as well. Thank you for sharing your experiences.



    • Hi Donna,
      Excited about your son’s journey in golf and your dedication to blog about it! Promise I will stop by and take a look, love hearing the stories. My hubby and I are now in the college golf mode and find it’s not that different, just larger territory to cover – LOL
      S3 may be on television tomorrow on the Golf Channel 8pm CT. His team took 2nd place in the PGA Minority Collegiate Championship in Port St. Lucie, FL this past May and they are televising it Wednesday, July 3.
      We will continue to share our past and current golfing experiences, so glad you have liked what we posted so far.
      Thank you for the encouragement… Linda



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