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How To Keep Momentum During Your Golf Match

Momentum is one of those intangibles that is hard to dissect. You either have it or you don’t. So when you have it, how can you keep momentum during your golf match? And when you lose it, how can you get it back?

The short answer is to relax and have fun…many times easier said than done. The pressure of competition is pervasive and you can pay thousands of dollars trying to help your junior golfer deal with it. Stress is an ongoing part of life and helping your junior golfer manage their “golf” stress will help them deal with stress in all areas of their lives.

Keeping Mo involves continuing to hit good or great shots, hopefully through the completion of the round or match. Encourage your kiddo to “feel it” when they are playing well and to expect the next shot to be a good shot. Your Junior Golfer should believe that they can hit one good shot after another. Stay positive, relax and have fun.

Getting Mo back once your young athlete has lost it is tough. Losing Mo can result in disappointment, loss of enthusiasm and energy and even temporary depression. And all of these are not conducive to hitting good golf shots. What mental state helps your kiddo regain some Mo? Relaxing, maybe just being tired of having a brief “pity party”, or just not caring too much or trying too hard….getting back to having fun! Hitting a good shot can immediately lift their spirits and help them hit a string of good shots. And believing that they can compete with (read beat) everybody in their division, so they need to get back to playing like it!

Mo is elusive, so recognizing when your Junior Golfer has it is important and they want to keep it going for as long as possible.

The awareness of knowing that all athletic contests, including golf tournaments have ebbs and flows of momentum is very important. It is critical that your Junior Golfer knows that it is very rare for anyone’s momentum to last for all 18 holes. Mo comes and goes throughout the round and the key is to keep it going for as long as possible and get it back as quickly as possible.

For a quick Mo demo, take your Junior Golfer and see how many consecutive 6-foot putts each of you can make. When you miss a putt, you lose momentum…point made.

Til next time… Sam Jr

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