Now Is the Perfect Time of Year to Save Money

The newest models of all golf clubs, shoes and everything else are here or will be at retailers very soon. This means that some bargains are available and will be, depending on exactly what you need…for the next few months. Closeouts of last year’s models of shoes, rain gear and clubs have some great prices! We rarely buy any new golf clubs for our son when the last year’s models are at least 30% off and the technology is certainly current enough. So this is a great time to upgrade or modernize your young golfer’s clothes, shoes , clubs or training aides.
FootJoy Mens GreenJoys Athletic Spikeless Golf Shoe Closeouts

Now $49.98
Orig. $70.00

For example, this website,, has closeouts of more than 200 models of golf shoes. Our son, Sam III (S3), bought 2 pairs of Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes for $49.99 each…2 pair for less than the regular retail price of 1 pair! There are a bunch of super deals like this…just search different websites.

Golf shoes, or at least the shoes your kiddo wears to play golf are the second-most important item, after the clubs. We encourage you to avoid buying cheap golf shoes. Your youngster’s feet must have proper fit and support, period. This is the time to buy a name-brand golf shoe at a killer price. If your budget is blown after your Christmas spending, look at the spikeless shoes on sale for less than $50.00. They are cheaper and better than tennis shoes, which are also spikeless to a degree, but the golf shoes will also have a 1 or 2-year waterproof guarantee. Keep in mind that spikeless shoes place a premium on balance and thus provide instant feedback if your junior golfer likes to swing out of his/her socks! Being way out of position or even falling to the ground can occur…so be advised. They are however, notoriously super-comfortable and look good enough to be worn as a casual shoe all around town.

From time-to-time, we will mention our youngest son, Sam III, who is now playing D-II college golf at Texas A & M International in Laredo, Texas. He is our learning laboratory where we have gone and are still going through most of the scenarios we reference in this column.

This journey has been one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences any parents could have and we love sharing it with you! Now work on that positive mental attitude!
Be positive, Happy New Year, Sam.

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