Don’t Let Bad Weather Shut Down Your Golf

Fun things to do when the weather is not cooperating:

1. Right now there are great buys on new and used clubs. The 2015 models are hitting the stores and last year’s clubs have to be sold. Two websites we have purchased from and can recommend are and Today on these sites there are super buys on drivers, irons and wedges ranging from 30-70% discounts. I encourage you to be open-minded about used clubs…some are very lightly used and are amazingly inexpensive. As your junior golfer grows, it may be that 2 years is about the max you get out of a set of clubs, so please be prudent with your golf club expense.

2. Get a checkup for club fit. Go to a PGA Professional and have your kiddo evaluated for their current set of clubs. Those clubs can get too short in just a few months, so keeping up with club length, swing weight, glove size…all things that can easily be overlooked when the season is in full blown active mode, are some items that we always looked at at least twice a year. Oh, and shoe size! Wow, it seemed like we were buying golf shoes every three months for a while! Please see my previous post about current great buys on golf shoes.

3. Have fun hitting the newest demo clubs at the major golf retail stores like Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts, Golfsmith, etc. My son, Sam III, and his friends will go to Golfsmith and just relax and try out a bunch of the latest and greatest clubs and may end up with an idea of what they will want for their next set of clubs. This is a no-pressure, fun thing and please just let the clock run. Don't put a time limit on it. Your youngster will let you know when they have had enough. And yes, they will say Dad/Mom that new such-and-such driver REALLY felt good! Can you buy it for me, pleeeeeease! Well, how you deal with that pressure is up to you☺️ A suggestion, work with your junior golfer on creating a golf wish list on

Ok, golf parents, here are some excellent ways to take advantage of some of the cold, wet weather that has enveloped so much of the U.S. Now go have some golf fun with your junior golfer, or in my case, with Sam III, my college golfer☺️

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