The Sun: Friend or Foe for Golfers

God has put the sun here for our benefit. Golfers spend a lot of time in the sun so learning how to take advantage of it’s benefits and how to protect yourself from overexposure are very important. Today we will visit several aspects of how to properly address the issue of prolonged hours of sun exposure. Some of what we will discuss is controversial and you will need to choose what is best for you and your junior golfer. My family and I have decided to take control of our health and make many proactive decisions regarding our own sun exposure. I am not a medical professional and encourage you to pursue appropriate advice where you deem it necessary.


Excessive exposure to sunshine is part of golf and there are effective ways to gain its benefits and avoid its hazards. The biggest health benefit is proper Vitamin D exposure. Your body makes Vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is rampant in the U.S.because of the fear of skin cancer and all the media talking heads telling to stay out of the sun. This is ridiculous because the sun is here to help us.

Your body requires UVB rays for the production of Vitamin D. For more information please visit: and search: vitamin D resource page. Please understand that proper levels of Vitamin D are extremely beneficial to your family’s health. I encourage you to read up on this subject. D-Minder is a great free app to help you learn more about Vitamin D exposure in your location. Visit the App Store.

We live in South Texas so we have sunshine all the time. For the healthiest protection on the golf course, you have some good options. Wear a cap or visor to keep the sun off of the sensitive skin around your eyes. This also eliminates the need to put sunscreen on the forehead which can end up sweating into your kiddo’s eyes and be painful and is not helpful for playing good golf. Do put sunscreen on the ears, nose, back of neck, arms and possibly the calves.

Alternatives to putting sunscreen on the arms and back of the neck are the wonderful SPF shirts for golf, but smaller sizes for junior golfers may be hard to find or may be crazy expensive. In addition to the short-sleeve versions, there are long-sleeve versions which are comfortable in hot weather. Look at,,, and other leading golf websites for more information.

Most popular sunscreens not only have potentially harmful ingredients, but also block the beneficial UVB rays, so your kiddo is not getting any Vitamin D benefit from their golf. We use healthier options. Go to or and search for organic sunscreens. These will at least not have the more undesirable ingredients, and may allow the UVB rays to pass into the skin. Use as little sunscreen as possible.

As you see, the sun can be both friend and foe…make wise choices.

So go enjoy those sunny days, yes, even the hot sunny days☺️ Always work on improving your kiddo’s game.

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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