Take Advantage of Your Junior Golfer’s Unique Path!

What do you do if your junior golfer is not a Jordan Spieth or a Lexi Thompson?

Your athlete has his/her own unique path for their pursuit of the game. It is likely that your child is in the 80-85% of golfers whose persistence and diligence can pay off in the long run.

Statistics show that 80-85% of pro golfers follow the path of hard workers who have diligently focused on improving their game to be able to compete at the highest level. Those competitors who have exhibited amazing results throughout their careers comprise the remaining 15-20% we refer to as phenoms.

Generally speaking, a phenom is someone who consistently plays above or at a higher level than everyone else, their age, in their sport.

If your child is a hard worker be aware that more reps, more positive reinforcement, more instruction, just more basics are needed to keep your junior golfer on the path of constant advancement. Our college golfer Sam II! Is a hard worker. He has won some golf tournaments and a solid goal for him during his junior golf years was a Top 10 finish. S3, as we call him, has been on a path of steady improvement since he began playing golf at age 5. A half-step forward at a time has been his mantra and his constant lowering of his scores from one year to the next gives cause for great optimism.

Forward progress is what it’s all about. There will be some setbacks which are part of the deal. As 3-time Major Champion, Padriag Harrington said on Feherty, a golfer learns a lot more when he shoots a 78 than when he shoots a 63.(paraphrased)


Check out this putting video☺️

Next time we will address some potholes, curves, and bumps in the road associated with each young golfer’s individual path.

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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