5 Relational Issues Impacting Junior Golfers

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am addressing challenges and here is number two.

Challenge Number 2: Relational issues can wreak havoc with your junior golfer’s path.

imageHow can a parent effectively deal with these situations?

imagePlease understand that I have no formal training in psychology or psychiatry and I am passing along to you the experiences Linda and I had with our son Sam III during his junior golf years.

If your son/daughter starts acting differently, their golf will be affected. Reasons for a change of behavior are numerous, but the challenge we are looking at today is relational issues.

Potential scenarios are:
1. A friend is mad at him or treated him disrespectfully
2. A teacher gave him a poor grade or embarrassed him in front of the class
3. You or your spouse have made a decision that he doesn’t like
4. You and your spouse have issues in your own relationship that are disturbing to him
5. Boyfriend/girlfriend issues

So how do you figure out which of these scenarios is impacting your child? Ask.

You may want to address an emotion: you seem sad today, you seem a little down today or you seem like you are mad…..and let him talk. Please resist your urge to ask more questions and give him some time to respond.

Ask about his friends. Check on his grades. He may be hesitant to divulge his reasons if he is unhappy at home. If you downplay or eliminate one-on-one dating, the dating issue is minimized.

A key to getting past most relational issues is helping your child adopt a positive attitude.Two of the all-time classic golf books are: Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book and Dr. Bob Rotella’s book, Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect. Amazon.com has them both readily available.

If you feel truly lost or stymied, ask your school or church for the name of a trusted youth counselor.

Be sure to see my previous post and be on the lookout for my next post as we address the challenge of injury and illness.

Now grab your junior golfer and go hit some balls. See you on #1 tee.

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