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What’s Hurting Your Junior Golfer?

As an athlete, your junior golfer will be hurt by illness and injury. These are 2 more reasons he may not be eager to practice or play. You need to ask questions related to these issues.

Athletes can have a different mindset about injury and illness than non-athletes, so if you think there is a health issue, it is helpful to orient your questions toward activity specific to golf.

The goal is to get input from your kiddo so you can define what is going on and address it so he can resume his golf regimen safely and quickly. Our son Sam III, S3, was usually not forthcoming in telling us he was hurt or sick so we had to learn the correct questions to ask. If he had a headache or some sinus issues, S3 almost always said he was fine and could play. Frankly, his level of play wasn’t much affected by minor aches and pains.


Last year he injured his wrist warming up for the final round of the PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The inflammation did not set in until after the round so he played all 18 holes pain-free. But once he got back to Texas and went out to hit balls, the pain was devastating. Swinging the club was not the issue, it was the impact of the club hitting the ball that hurt. S3 would take a swing and drop to his knees two seconds after the ball/club contact. We made an appointment with our AIRROSTI doctor , Nick Askey, DC, and discovered that S3 had some inflammation in a tendon in his wrist. Dr. Askey addressed this inflammation and S3 was 90% pain free after one treatment and was 99% healed in three treatments over 10 days. AIRROSTI Doctors are amazing with what they do! I encourage you to check out their link.

To most effectively discern if your child is injured you need to know how they manifest their athletic practices and events when they are healthy. Be observant. Inspect their hands and feet. Look for blisters, ingrown toenails, swelling and anything abnormal. Some kids just don’t want to tell you when they are not feeling completely healthy and well.

Illness and injury are part of being an athlete. Parents its up to you. You are in charge. Ask, inspect, act. Take your kiddo to a medical professional. Your junior golfer will enjoy himself more and play better when he is pain free and feeling good.

Now grab your young golfer and head to the golf course! 

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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