The Correct Fit for Your Junior Golfer: Part 2

The Correct Fit for Your Junior Golfer continues with our Wednesday Waggle😊, named after PGA Professional Jason Duffner’s well-known “waggle” that is an integral part of his pre-shot routine. Our WW includes a reminder to review this week’s Monday Mulligan and apply what was presented, adds new information and encourages you to “keep on keepin on” with your kiddo. (photo of Jason Duffner from golf


So what other equipment does she need: the list would include golf balls, tees, gloves, golf bags and perhaps carts. Low compression balls are a must for beginner to intermediate level junior golfers. Their slower swing speeds, usually until puberty, require a ball with a softer core. This enables your kiddo to compress the ball and maximize distance. There are a variety of inexpensive golf balls that will be fine for your junior golfer’s beginning years. There are bargain brands where you get 2-dozen balls for $10.00 and until you see how serious your young golfer is, they are just fine. Reloads or recycled golf balls are also an inexpensive option. As her/his skill level and strength progresses, you can be more comfortable buying some of the top names, like Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway, Taylormade, Srixon and more.

Buy a large bag of tees in a mid-length like 2.75 inches. This length works for every situation your golfer will encounter.

Our family has always worn golf gloves. They go on the weak hand: if you are right-handed, the glove goes on the left hand. Proper fit is the fingers need to allow full extension of the fingers and the palm should ne taught from the base of the thumb to the base of the little finger, no wrinkles. Cadet-length gloves are for folks with shorter fingers. Always try each glove on before buying. Please be aware that finding golf gloves in junior sizes can be a challenge and if you don’t have a big box golf store nearby, shopping online is about the only way to go.

Golf bags are a world unto themselves. You want your junior golfer to be able to carry their own bag, so for the youngest kiddos, get a small bag with one or two pockets and just put four or five clubs and a few balls and tees in it. As she/he gets stronger you want to work your way to a “stand” bag, where two legs pop out of the front to allow the bag to stand on its own at a usable angle for pulling clubs.


So take another look at the Monday Mulligan, evaluate how you and your kiddo are doing, add today’s Waggle information and find a way to do some shopping and go to the range!

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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