Junior Golf Tournaments: Your Child Will Love Playing in Them

imageThere are more junior golf tournaments today than ever! You child will love playing in them. in today’s Monday Mulligan, we will take a look at junior golf tournaments and how to determine the best ones for your kiddo to enter.

My Dad was one of the founders of the Texas State Junior Golf Championship in 1946 and ran it along with my Mom and a few friends until the early 1970’s. In those days there were really only a few junior events like high school tournaments, some youth organization games, maybe a club junior title and then the big one, The Texas State Junior Golf Championship, known as The State Junior. And it was, in those days always played at historic Brackenridge Golf Course in San Antonio, now home to the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, one of my family’s favorite golf courses.

Today, there are hundreds of junior events to choose from. During one of S3’s high school summers, he played in 22 tournaments and that’s a bunch over a 90-day period. In fact the next summer he asked to play in fewer tournaments. The point is there are likely more summer tournaments than your wallet and logistics can handle.


Where do you start? Ask around. Your local golf venues will know about some of the tournaments and can put you in touch with sponsoring organizations such as your state PGA chapter. Here in Texas we have the NTPGA (North Texas PGA) and STPGA (South Texas PGA) and both have junior events in their part of the state. Nationally, you have the First Tee which has a myriad of opportunities for your junior golfer. There are more elite tours for higher skill levels like the Texas Junior Golf Tour and the Legends Junior Golf Tour and in California they have the Future Champions Tour and the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has tournaments in many states from the Southeast to the Midwest and along the Atlantic coast. Search for junior golf tours and you will find plenty of information.

Start contacting some of these groups and send in some entries!

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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