Junior Golf Tournaments: Age-Specific Details

In today’s Wednesday Waggle we’ll look at a few age-specific details pertinent to junior golf tournaments. imageSome tournaments allow entrants as young as 5 years old and others start at 6 or 7 years of age. It is so neat seeing the really little ones carrying a bag with 3 or 4 clubs in it playing from tees moved waaaaay up towards the green. Yes, Dad and Mom, you are usually allowed to carry the golf bag for your little bitty, but that ends quickly as they approach 9 to 10 years old, so enjoy caddying for them while you can. (photo from BlueHeronGolf.org)

Start your tournament experiences by entering inexpensive, probably $35 or so, events for beginner skill level. Good ole competition is what makes the world go ’round and golf gives you an accurate report on the status of your youngster’s game. Keep playing in appropriate skill level divisions until your kiddo is taking his game to the next level. You always want them playing with good competition. There will be times your kiddo is much better or much worse than someone in their playing group. This happens and is an opportunity for patience and focusing on “his own game”. They will love playing in these tournaments and will make some lifelong friends in the process.

What is a given skill level? Beginner speaks for itself and scorewise it is someone shooting around 100 or higher, for 18 holes. Intermediate is maybe 82-92 and advanced would be low 80’s or below on a consistent basis. Stepping up a level is exciting! It shows advancement and a commitment to the game. It is also more of an investment. Higher skill level tournaments can easily have entry fees of $200-$350. Some are 54-holes on championship courses and the entry fee may actually be less than paying for 3 green fees. Also the goodie bags can have great stuff: S3 has received items such as 1-dozen premium golf balls, top name brand golf shirts, high-quality wind-breakers, rain gear and cold weather mittens. So while the entry fee is high, the value is great!

There may also be some “under the radar” events in your area. The more asking you do locally, the more opportunities will show up. S3’s long-time swing coach would put on a tournament every month through the Central Texas Junior Golf Association, a group which consistently promoted inexpensive events for their kids. All age ranges and skill levels had their own division at every event.image

Start looking at the logistics: budget, schedule, equipment, skill level and enter your junior golfer in just one event. Once you all see how much fun it is, you will be hooked on junior tournament golf! (photo from eaglelandingonline.com)

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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