Junior Golf Tournaments: The Biggest of the Big

imageIn today’s Friday Flop Shot, I must wrap up the week by telling you about a very special junior golf tournament, the “Biggest of the Big”, the “only one of its kind anywhere in the world”! OK enough suspense, I’m talking about the Starburst Tournament, held each June in Waco, Texas. S3 played in this for his last 3 years of eligibility and he would have played more years, but we didn’t even know about it until his freshman year in high school and it’s only 200 miles from us!

With more than 1,000 junior golfers from all over the world, there is truly nothing like Starburst! Entries are by age and sex, open to all boys and girls ages 7-18, and include a championship division for boys and for girls. When entries open in mid-February, you need to get yours submitted ASAP, because everything will fill up, even with 100 kids in each age/sex group. You also need to book your hotel because once you get past mid-March the whole city of Waco will not have 1 hotel room available.

imageWe planned our summers around Starburst, it is that much fun! Junior golfers play 3 different courses over 3 days and meals for the whole family are provided free for 2 nights. The atmosphere is unique and very special and we believe that every serious or even half-way serious junior golfer should play at Starburst at least once, just for the experience.

OK, get online and check out Starburst Junior Golf Classic! Star planning your summer of 2016 today. See you on #1 tee… Sam

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