Junior Golf Tournament Registration: 4 Steps for Success

imageIn today’s Monday Mulligan, we’ll look at the 4 steps that will result in a successful junior golf tournament registration. While entering your child’s first or any new golf tournament can be a bit confusing, they all have some common ground. After filling out a few different entry forms, you will have a decent comfort level. (tjgt photo from mygolfpros.com)

Step 1: confirm that your athlete actually wants to play in a given tournament. If you are forcing them to play when they really don’t want to play you will have an undesirable situation. Sometimes your family needs a few days to make a decision and this is OK, we have done this many times over the years. Do diligently keep in mind the Closing Date for every tournament. These are notoriously strict, by rule, and virtually never have exceptions.

Step 2: determine that there is a skill level appropriate for your kiddo’s golf proficiency. Entering an inappropriate division is not good. We discussed the difference, scorewise between beginner, intermediate and advanced last week. “Playing up” is only advised if your child is consistently playing beyond the skill level of his peers. “Playing down”, sometimes called “sandbagging” is something to never do and a “sandbagging” label can stick with a player for years and it is a very derogatory term that can cast doubt on your kiddo’s and your character.

Step 3: confirm that you can afford the entry fee. Usually you can pay online, over the phone or by mail. Just make certain to get a confirmation of your payment. As you become more familiar with the hard costs associated with junior golf tournament play, you can more effectively budget for the summer, the school year or all 12 months. A tournament budget is important and should have its own line item in your golf budget. (photo from Alabamajuniorgolf.org)


Step 4: make sure the logistics work for you and your young golfer. Who is providing transportation to and from the course? Can you, your spouse or both stay and watch your child play this wonderful game? Is the course a reasonable driving distance from your home?

Now, fill out an entry form and get your confirmation. In the Wednesday Waggle we’ll look at how to prepare for the tournament.

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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