Summer Junior Golf: 4 Items That Beat the Heat

imageIn this Wednesday Waggle we’ll look at 4 unique items that beat the heat during summer golf. Depending on exactly your child’s likes, some, all or none of these recommendations may be suitable for her use. (photo of Jason Duffner from golf

Let’s take a look:

1. sweatbands for head and wrist. These sound great, but you rarely see them being used. Caps and visors help keep sweat out of the eyes and wristbands often are felt to be uncomfortable or unnecessary. If your child sweats excessively you may want to try the wristbands to help keep the hands dry.

2. towels. These are absolute necessities and your junior golfer should carry at least 2 at all times. We are talking golf towels, not bath towels. Golf towels are about the size of face towels and most have a metal grommet which allows them to be attached to a hook for easy carrying on the golf bag. They can be made of regular terry cloth or a rubbery perforated cloth which is great for cleaning clubs and balls and also may have a slit in the middle for hanging over a club head. There are also some of the super-fabric cloth towels but most of them are a pain and every piece of dirt and grass clings to their fibers Iike glue. Don’t buy these. With 2 towels your daughter can wipe her face, hands and arms with 1 and use the other for cleaning clubs and balls. Dry hands are essential for a proper grip.

3. cooling towels. These are wonderful scientific advancements and they do work. Varieties include a rounded handkerchief-style that you soak and then tie around the neck and a flat style that you soak and carry however you wish. Linda and S3 love this flat style and just remove their cap and put it on their head when walking to the next shot. Try these but know they are pretty much love it or leave it items. My family loves them and I find them cooling but don’t care for the extra moisture.image

4. sunglasses. Another totally individual item. If your child wears prescription glasses, we will address those in a separate post. We believe that S3 plays better when he does not wear sunglasses. Don’t know why, but it seems to be the case over many rounds of golf. If your daughter wears non-prescription sunglasses, you have a world of options and basically cheap sunglasses are not good for your kiddo or their golf game. While I am certain there are several makers of excellent sports sunglasses, we are most familiar with Oakley. Their sunglasses, while a bit pricey, are worth every penny. Oakley is building a complete line of athletic sportswear based on their success in top-quality sunglasses. In the real world you see numbers of young golfers with no glasses, prescription glasses and some sunglasses. These are certainly not essential, but can be helpful.

That’s it for today. I’ll see you and your high-fashion junior golfer on #1 tee… Sam

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