Junior Golf: How to Use Your Junior Golfer’s Unique Path

imageIn this Wednesday Waggle, we will learn how to start using your junior golfer’s unique path. This enables parents to help their young golfers advance their skills in a more effective and efficient manner. (Jason Duffner photo from golf digest.com)

Hints for parents:
1. recognize and accept the fact that your kiddo has a path in his golf game that is different from everybody else’s path
2. get over the fact that he is not winning or placing in the Top 10 in his events
3. make a weekly schedule for practice and play
4. be an encourager, remove negatives from your speech and actions
5. be the parent. For a while, at least, you will be the one initiating golf activities
6. he will have his own pace of learning and it will vary, sometimes quicker, sometimes slower

As you watch your junior golfer grow into his game, some things will become readily apparent, such as strengths and weaknesses. Break down his game into segments like: fairways hit, greens in regulation, chips, putts and sand trap skills.image

Tournament play will reveal some interesting comparisons on where he stands relative to his age group. There is every reason to expect your child to be competitive with other boys his age. And as his game improves, he will move up in the standings. You will see a little bit of everything during competition. Some kids are robots and hit every fairway, others seem to always chip their ball within a foot of the cup, someone else is making virtually every putt…it’s crazy! (photo from 1.bp.blog.com)

Learn from what you see so you can identify your son’s strengths and weaknesses and get to work on making the weakness a strength. Always remember, the quickest way to lower his strokes is by improving his chipping and putting, period.

Now you have an idea of what your junior golfer’s path looks like, how long it takes him to learn or improve skills and how he uses those skills in competition. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Please keep in mind, all paths have curves! See you on #1 tee… Sam

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