Junior Golf: Take a Break Before School Starts

imageIn today’s Monday Mulligan, we will look at why it is important for your junior golfer to take a break before school starts. A summer filled with golf activities is a wonderful thing, but your youngster needs a mental and physical break. With school starting in mid-to-late August in most cases, this is a perfect time to spend some energy on school prep and not think about golf for a week or 2. (Photo by jeffleforge.com)

Golf needs to be fun for everybody. Even the pros, if they are not enjoying playing and competing find it hard to even make the cut sometimes. Your junior golfer needs a ton of fun, combined with some instruction and practice. If he starts seeing golf as work or drudgery, you need to change things quickly.

So for now, rather than overthinking this and wondering if your kiddo needs a break, just take my word for it and give him one, for 2 weeks max. He may ask if he can go start hitting balls again before break time is up. That’s OK, but make sure he takes a complete break from playing, hitting, chipping and putting for at least a week.image

Priorities in our house were grades first, then golf, so getting a positive mental attitude about school starting back up, reuniting with friends and looking forward to fall golf tournaments is all part of the deal. Also, your son will feel refreshed and reinvigorated after some time without golf. (photo by channelsignal.com)

When the pros take time off, it is different that what your son is doing, but the reasons for taking the time off and anticipated results upon returning to the game are pretty much the same. They want to “find their game”, if they are not playing well. Or they need rest after playing in a lot of consecutive tournaments. Or they may just be tired and need some family time.

Breaks are good for the brain and good for the body and good for the family. So give your son a break. He will quickly get back into the swing of things…and probably swing better!

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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