Junior Golf: What To Expect After the Break

imageIn this Wednesday Waggle we’ll look at the to expect from your daughter after the break is over. Interesting things happen and perhaps don’t happen when there is no golf activity for a week or 2. There will be some surprises so be prepared to take advantage of them rather than being upset by them.

So your kiddo is ready to get back into her golf regimen and you need to set up her routine for the fall. Part of this is done for you if she is on a high school, junior high school or club golf team and all you have to do is be a good golf parent and chauffeur. And you can offer extra putting and chipping drills at home, if her schedule allows. (photo from golf digest.com)

Starting back into school has a slight adjustment period so there will be some confusion and possible frustration at first and golf may suffer as everything else settles in place. Missing a week or 2 of golf makes for interesting start back up scenarios. She may have an amazing day on the range followed by an ugly day. Muscle memory is there, but strength and conditioning may have suffered. She just needs to work back up into golf shape. New team members pose an interesting situation as some may become best friends with your daughter and others may not.image

Be an encourager and get her hitting a bunch of balls, even when she is not too excited about it, so she can wake her muscles back up and get into competitive golf shape. Bubba Watson says one of the best things for amateur golfers to do is to hit more balls. Get “golf strong” by hitting a lot of golf balls. (photo from craigdailypress.com)

Plan on getting a physical exam, have her eyes checked, make sure her golf shoes still fit and replace the cleats. Get excited, fall golf means a new season of golf friends and golf tournaments. Your daughter is entering into new territory!

See you on #1 tee… Sam.

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