Junior Golf: Protect Your Hands

imageIn today’s Wednesday Waggle we will look at how and why your junior golfer needs to protect her hands. Staying healthy is a big deal. Proper practice and play requires a healthy youngster.

Golf is a whole body sport, but no body part is more important than the hands, and let’s include the wrists since they are so closely related. Feel, feel and more feel is critical to playing good golf. The hands are the “feel” instrument. Listen to any conversation among professional golfers, men and women, and it won’t be very long until the “feel” word comes up. Feel the grip pressure. Too light or too heavy is not what you want…just right is required and you only get “just right” with feel. Putting is about feel. Feel is everywhere in golf. ( Jason Duffner photo from golfdigest.com)

So protecting the hands is a really big deal. Avoid activities that increase the risk of injury to her hands: bruising, strains, sprains, dislocated fingers, etc. Yes, this means some disappointment as certain fun activities are no longer an option, but the rewards of playing golf as a healthy athlete are great. Positive attitude from parents can transfer to your daughter. Optimism is a very contagious commodity.image

Her hands and wrists can be injured during a golf activity. S3 chunked a shot on the driving range prior to his final round at the 2014 PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, FL. He had a great round, shooting a 73. Unknown to him, his chunked shot had tweaked a tendon in his right wrist. S3 learned that as we went to the driving range after he got home from the event. He would hit a shot and about 1 second later fall to the ground in pain, excruciating pain. So here while S3 was practicing the sport he dearly loves, he super-chunked a shot on the range, but was able to play his final round pain-free because the inflammation in his right wrist had not totally set in.

Fortunately in Texas, we have our beloved AIRROSTI soft tissue chiropractors and 10 days later after 3 AIRROSTI treatments S3 was pain-free. Every injury interrupts practice and play. Golf requires considerable consistent attention if your daughter is going to improve her skills. Enough interruptions happen on their own so everything you can do to help your daughter avoid injury is really great!

Remind your daughter to protect her hands…see you on #1 tee… Sam

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