Junior Golf: More Mental

imageIn this Friday Flop Shot we will look at more mental aspects of the game. It is hard to overemphasize just how important the mental aspect of being able to play winning golf really is. So let’s dive into some more mental aspects for your son to work on, and Mom and Dad too, because it’s a team effort.

In Wednesday’s post we removed negative words from our vocabulary and replaced them with positive words. Then we put our positive words with action words to help paint a mental picture of how to attain the desired results in your son’s golf shots. Let’s extrapolate this. As Mom and Dad consciously work to make this new way of communicating a habit it can be spread throughout the whole family. (photo from offcoursegolf.com)

Parents, and you need to come together as a team, please, you can speak these positive messages into all your kids and the initial manifestations will be in better schoolwork, better chores and certainly in improved golf and other extracurricular activities. Linda and I can assure you that these short-term benefits will translate into long-term habits that will make for a most pleasant and better achieving household. You are setting your kids and yourselves up for success and you will see a difference. Imagine the pleasant atmosphere as everyone in your family starts using more positive language and less negative and complaining talk. Enjoy!image

In the real golf world, to get a glimpse into just how extremely positive the greatest athletes are, let’s look at a conversation during the recent U.S. Open. The Chambers Bay course was a different setup than usual for a U.S. Open and some of the players were complaining. A member of the Fox Sports announcing team who had competed with Jack Nicklaus said that, in Jack’s words,”As soon as I heard an entrant complain about the golf course, I struck him off the list of possible winners.” What this means is that words have power and those negative thoughts creep in and can override any positive thoughts. So the key is to keep the negative thoughts out of your son’s mind, period. Yes, it’s difficult at first, but it can be done. Look at any interview with golf legends Arnold Palmer or Phil Mickelson. The interviewer tries his best to get them to say just 1 negative word and neither of them will do it. That’s what we’re talking about here, yes really! (Jack Nicklaus photo from ecelebrityfacts.com)

Please introduce this wonderful habit to your family ASAP. It will change the dynamics in your family in a very positive way. Yes, there is always a family member who resists change, but persistence overcomes resistance and in time even the most stubborn family member will come on board, at least a little bit. Be pumped, be positive!

See you on #1 tee…positively… Sam


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