Junior Golf: Get the App

imageIn today’s Monday Mulligan we’re going to look at the reasons to “Get the App”. While I am not as digitally proficient as the youngsters, my digital skills have improved over the years. Apps are wonderful things and some are helpful beyond all expectations. Let’s look at one. (photo jennleforge.com)

The App we are talking about today is The Golf Academy App. In our house we call it The Golf Channel Academy App even though that is not technically the correct name. Go to The App Store and search for it specifically or just search Golf Apps and it will come up. It’s free, but for you and your daughter it can be worth $1,000.00’s of dollars. Load it onto your smart device and open it. One of the first items to come up is “Find An Instructor Near You”. How helpful is that, really great, right? Always be on the lookout for good instructors near you. You may change instructors several times before you find one your daughter likes and actually helps her improve her game. As her skill level becomes more advanced you may need a different instructor who is competent with low handicap golfers.

There are so many golf tips and instruction on this site it will blow your mind. And the teachers include Golf Channel’s Martin Hall and Michael Breed, undoubtably 2 of the best, most creative and most fun instructors anywhere. Decide the areas your daughter needs to focus on for improvement and search the site for them: tee shots, putting, sand shots, chipping and more topics than you can think of, it’s wonderful!image

The best approach is to cruise the site to get familiar with what’s on it, then pick an area to start with. The temptation to do too much too fast is real and you want to slow down and take 1 step/topic at a time. Let your junior golfer show solid progress in 1 area before moving on to the next. (Martin Hall photo media.cmgdigital.com)

Now, we’re not talking about The Golf Channel App here, that’s for another time. Go, get this App and look it over enough to be comfortable with it, then get your daughter and look at the App together. Have fun with it! Now get after it!

See you on #1 tee… Sam


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