Junior Golf: Watch the Pros

imageIn today’s Friday Flop Shot we’re talking about why your junior golfer should watch the pros. It is a major accomplishment for any young man or young woman to make the leap from the “junior” tours onto the PGA or LPGA Tours. Heck it is quite a feat just to get status on the junior tours. (photo offcoursegolf.com)

All your son needs to do and you can help, is to start looking anywhere golf data is available. This includes magazines, websites, and TV, including the very informative Golf Channel. You will find an almost overwhelming amount of tips, instruction and training aides available for your inspection. How on earth do you filter this down to what is meaningful and genuinely helpful for your son?

Start with the basics, yes, start with the “less is more” mentality. Here’s a great example: Phil Mickelson, World Golf Hall of Fame Member is someone to watch on the driving range. First thing to do is to stop watching the ball and look at the golfer, especially on the driving range. You will see many pros, Phil included, using alignment sticks. These are the metal rods sold in most golf shops and stores all over the U.S. They are very inexpensive and should really be bought 2 at a time. Depending on what is being worked on, alignment sticks can be set up in unlimited arrays, but the most commonly seen is 1 stick laid flat on the ground and the golfer aligns his toes with the stick. This is to insure that the setup is correct. Parents, it is so easy for any golfer to setup just a little bit wrong. And this should not happen because the setup is when your youngster has complete control of the situation. A correct setup is a major benefit to producing a good golf swing which hopefully ends up with the desired shot and result.

So just checking to make sure the feet are aligned in the correct direction, something so basic, is something the pros spend much more time on than you may have thought. Back to basics. Sounds boring, but it’s not. It’s where it all starts. (photo static1.1.sqspcdn.com)

As you and your son become more informed on various uses of the sticks, you will really begin to understand the beauty and functionality in their simplicity. Next time you guys are watching a golf tournament or a “live from” on the Golf Channel, pay attention to the interviews done on the driving range. You will learn a good tip or good habit to pursue. And I hope you have added the Golf Channel to your TV package…and TiVo/Recorder too! There is so much great instruction!image

For inexpensive training aides that you can just walk in and buy, alignment sticks are a #1 Top Choice in our book. They are pretty much indestructible and so versatile. Buy some today and learn how to use them. Don’t overdo it. Just start with lining up the feet.

See you on #1 tee and I want to see some alignment sticks in your bag… Sam

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