Junior Golf: A Training Aid You Always Have

imageIn today’s Monday Mulligan, we will look at a training aid your daughter always has, or at least should always have in her golf bag. We could be referring to several things here as a creative mind can always find a way to use nearly anything as a gaining aid. (photo by jennleforge.com)

We are talking about the golf tee. Yes, the regular golf tees. Not the brush tees or segmented-type tees, plain old golf tees. For the purpose of a training aid, length does not matter and color only matters if you really want to go to an artsy place. Tees are on the essential inventory list for golf. In other words, don’t leave home without them.

Obviously you need them for their primary use on the tee box. But let’s go back to so many of the pros particularly when they are warming up before teeing off in a tournament. Look at the putting green. You will see tees used in any number of ways. Some players put them 3- feet from a cup at 3, 6, 9 & 12 o’clock. They practice putts of that length around the clock positions to get a feel for the different breaks and speeds. They may put more tees at 6-feet or 10-feet. Tiger Woods recently put 2 tees the width of his putter head apart and put a ball in between them and practiced putting. This was to help improve his stroke and keep the putter face square at impact. Hitting either tee meant Tiger would not get a good result. Repetition!

Using tees on the driving range has unlimited potential. You are invited to get creative. Things we do are: put a tee about 2-feet directly behind the ball. Then when you pick the club up you make certain the club is headed straight back toward that tee. Just like in Tiger’s putting drill, put a tee on each side of the ball leaving a little room for a slightly less than perfect swing. When you swing you want to strike the ball, not either tee. This is fun. Usually it is more intimidating for adults than for kids. Kids just tend to go for it!

Here’s a really creative way to use a tee. And you need to be careful and respectful of the putting green. Decide on 1 direction that you want to practice putting into 1 cup. Then take a short tee, preferably brightly colored and stick it into the turf between the top of the tin cup and the grass. The tee is parallel to the ground . All you should see is the top of the tee facing you just below ground level. The object with your putts is for the ball to hit the tee when it goes in the hole. Hitting the tee means you have hit the putt at a good speed. (photo i00.i.aliimg.com)image

Tees are cheap. We like the colorful ones. Buy more than you need and pick up the ones you find on the golf course and driving range. Be creative!

See you on #1 tee… Sam

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  1. I love this drill! I use it with my students especially the beginners. Thanks for sharing.



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