Junior Golf: Start A Routine

imageIn this Wednesday Waggle we are considering starting a routine. Depending on the skill level of your junior golfer, this routine can be very simple or a little bit more sophisticated. (Jason Duffner photo golfdigest.com)

What is a routine? What is it composed of? Why is it important? Great Questions! A routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed, a fixed program. A routine can have few or many parts, depending on the situation. A routine is important because it gives structure, discipline and confidence to our endeavors. A routine is part of and also a result of our training. It helps athletes perform well during competition and is a major aide for taking the game to a winning level. It is absolutely essential. Good routines help lead toward small wins, which lead to more small wins which ultimately lead to the belief that bigger wins are possible.

Every professional golfer has routines, all-day routines, pre-shot routines, driving range routines and more. For now, let’s keep it simple.

Pre-shot routines: this is perhaps the most-used routine since it occurs every time your son swings a golf club. Higher skill levels will have a more detailed pre-shot routine than beginners. An easy to remember pre-shot routine for beginner level junior golfers might be: stand behind the ball and see/imagine/visualize where you want it to stop. If you are putting, it would be stopping in the hole, for instance. Then have your son address the ball, exhale about half of his breath, and swing. This is simple. Nothing to think about. Just let some air out and swing the club after you “see” where you want it to stop.image

You will see a fan make a noise as a pro golfer is getting ready to hit a shot or putt. The golfer, if he is not beyond the stopping point of his stroke/swing, will stop in mid-swing, walk away, reset and begin his pre-shot routine all over again, yes, from the start. That’s how important it is. (photo peerlessgolf.ca)

Get a routine going for your son. Make sure he repeats the routine on every shot, on the range, putting green and during a round. It will lead to lower scores.

See you on #1 tee…with a great pre-shot routine… Sam

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