Junior Golf: An Advanced Routine

imageIn this Friday Flop Shot we will look at an example of an advanced pre-shot routine for junior golfers of medium to high skill levels. With the men’s FedEx Cup resuming this week and the women’s Solheim Cup playing in Germany this week, there is a ton of great golf to watch. So get with your daughter and make a conscious decision to pay particular attention to the player’s pre-shot routines during these 2 high profile events. (photo offcoursegolf.com)

Jason Day is great for this lesson. His pre-shot routine is very well-defined, easy to see what he is doing and he does it on every shot. A great example! As you watch your favorite players, you will see that they all have a specific pre-shot routine. Some are more subtle and some like JD’s are very easy to identify.

Things to watch: each player will look down the course to where he wants the ball to land and then stop. Some will stand directly behind their ball for this and others may be slightly off to one side or the other. The point is the same. They are visualizing, seeing the shot in their own mind. Visualization is a key to many things in life and in this case it’s a key to playing winning golf. (Justin Leonard photo newsfeed.org)image

Next they will address the ball, in other words, take their stance and place the club behind the ball as the golfer gets to the final stage of the pre-shot routine. Here you will see dramatically different styles. Jason Duffner does his famous waggles. Justin Leonard, among others, will take the club back a couple of feet to make sure his takeaway is the way it needs to be. Some guys will take a practice swing. Rory just usually addresses the ball and swings, no extra pre-shot movement.

The pros are repeating a routine which they have developed over the years to get them into their own unique and desired state of mind to have a pre-shot routine which puts their body and mind into the place where they have a high probability of hitting the desired golf shot. They are putting the odds of success in their favor.

Dads and Moms, sons and daughters, look at these professional golfers and try some of their routines. They work for pros and can work for junior golfers as well. Just try some things on the driving range: waggles, shortened takeaways, a shoulder shake/shrug to relax shoulders, arms and hands or create your own unique drill. Maybe just slightly pick each foot up separately to relax your feet and let them better feel the weight distribution and ground underneath.

This is great fun. Set the DVR. See you on #1 tee… Sam

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