Junior Golf: Solheim Cup Lesson 1

imageIn this Wednesday Waggle we will look at lessons to be learned from last week’s Solheim Cup. Your daughter can learn something from virtually everything she does in life and this women’s golf event was loaded with even more lessons than usual. (Jason Duffner photo golfdigest.com)

So what is this Lesson #1 from The Solheim Cup, simple the overriding takeaway is that you never quit. You never give up. It’s not over till it’s over. However you want to say it or hear it, your daughter must keep playing as in trying to play really good golf and keep grinding away at her opponent, human or the golf course, until the ball is in the cup on the last hole.

The US women were down 10-6 before the start of the 12 singles matches. With 2 closely matched teams, a 4-point lead is a lot so the odds were against our ladies winning the Cup. A controversial call in a 4-ball match really fired our ladies up and they played like it. Ultimately they won 8.5 of 12 points and we won the Cup 14.5-13.5. This is a great testament to squaring your shoulders, finding a little “tude” and kicking your opponent’s rear! Way to go ladies!

These cup events are unique in that they are really team events even though there is a considerable amount of individual effort required by each player. The US’s Angela Stanford said “This is probably the closest knit group we’ve ever been a part of. We never stopped believing.”

And your daughter must continue believing, yes, when she’s down 4-holes with 4-holes left to play. She must believe in each “next” shot. That she can hit enough good shots, 1-shot at a time to win that hole. Then win the next hole. Win all 4 holes so they can go to extra holes.

You can be sure that Jordan Spieth thought he was in pretty good shape in the Ryder Cup when he was 4-up on Graeme McDowell through 12-holes. Well, the seasoned pro Graeme found his game and tied the match. I don’t remember if they split or McDowell won, doesn’t matter. What does matter is the momentum of the match changed: Jordan lost his and Graeme found his. (graem’s photo i2.cdn.turner.com)image

Staying positive during the whole round/game is tough. When you see the pros having trouble with it, know that your daughter and all junior golfers are going to struggle with it as well. What gets her back to being positive? There are a lot of books on this subject, but the short answer is that your daughter needs to believe that she can hit a good tee shot, hit a good approach shot and have a chance to make a birdie. And making a birdie will bring back her smile and some confidence. Encourage her!

See you on #1 tee…with a never give up attitude… Sam

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