Junior Golf: Get A Grip

imageIn this Monday Mulligan we are looking at a very important golf tool, but one that is ignored a lot, especially by junior golfers and other amateur golfers. Professional golfers pay a bunch of attention to this little item because it provides an extremely important function. (photo by jennlefforge.com)

Yes, we are talking about grips, the grips on your irons, driver and metals, not your putter. We’ll give the putter it’s own post. So why are grips important? Well, yes, grips do provide the ONLY point of contact between the player and the club. Grips provide a great amount of the the feel which is critical to every shot. And they come in different materials, different colors, different textures, different thicknesses. It is the classic something for everybody.

For a more advanced skill level, more consideration is necessary. Materials should be chosen on a welcoming feel to your bare hands, you don’t want to let go. Color is more about what you like or maybe what will look dirtiest the quickest and most often. Textures,like materials, some feel much better than others. And thickness is part of grip sizing and is vitally important to proper shot execution. Higher skill levels may play with different grip thicknesses for different clubs. Bubba Watson puts extra wraps of tape under his driver grip to give him the super-custom feel he wants so he can shape his driver shots. This is very advanced stuff. Most important for higher skill juniors is proper grip size and a really pleasant texture.

For beginners and very young junior golfers you may have to just deal with whatever grip size you can get, particularly for a 5-7 year old. Once your daughter gets a bit older you will have an opportunity to explore different grip sizes/thicknesses. So as her skills get better you can help her with a better fitting grip. Please take a trip to a big golf store so your daughter can check out a large selection of grips. And never just have grips put on because they look cool. Sometimes the latest and neatest-looking grips feel terrible once you actually feel them on a club. (photo image.dhgate.com)

And remember lighter-colored grips-read white-look beautiful in the grip bin, but get dirty faster than you can imagine. So washing/cleaning white grips is a frequent chore. I’m just sayin’!image

And Phil Mickelson has used the Golf Pride white and black grips for years and certainly his caddy, Bones, has washed them more times than he can remember. Washing/cleaning grips is very important because sweat and dirt can destroy your grip and feel. And grips are not forever! They need to be changed on a regular basis. S3 does his grips every 12 months or sooner if he feels they are getting slick. Pay attention to your grips. They are inexpensive, but critical.

See you on #1 tee… Sam


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