Junior Golf: More About Grips

imageIn today’s Wednesday Waggle we will finish this journey into the world of grips by looking at more information about them. These often overlooked and undervalued pieces of equipment are vital to playing good golf.

There are probably 10 or fewer companies that make grips in the US and several of them make only putter grips, another world of it’s own that we can discuss in a future post. Let’s continue looking at grips for everything other than putters. (Jason Duffner photo golfdigest.com)

The 3 Big Gorillas in the golf club grip world are Golf Pride, Lamkin and Winn. Each one offers a large variety of grip styles, textures and colors. Go on their websites and get some knowledge about the differences among their styles. Then find the biggest golf specialty stores in your area and grab all the styles in the grip bins and see which ones feel the best. Then see if you can find them actually on clubs. Once you have a couple that feel good, then have your son’s hand checked for proper grip size. A huge number of junior golfers and golfers in general are playing with grips that are the wrong size.

Examples: Dad, if you give your preteen-age son your old set of clubs, you are not doing him a favor unless you check out the grip size and have the grips changed to properly fit your son’s hands which are most likely smaller than yours. Linda was using grips that were way too small. She said it felt like she was holding straws in her hands when she held her clubs. Once her hands were measured, her grips were changed from regular to jumbo and now she can really hit some good shots. So Linda’s grips were 2 sizes too small. Grips that are too small can make your shots more wristy and lead to exaggerated hooking and lots of frustration. Now, S3, who has fast hands anyway, came up with the idea of trying larger-read thicker/fatter-grips in order to slow his hands down. And it worked. He went from regular to medium and now he can control and play less draw, actually aiming more directly at the target rather than playing out so far to the right to allow the ball to work back to the target. It has been great! And grips are very inexpensive. Frequently you can get grips changed out for $10 per club or less.(photo hogwire.biz)image

So once you do some research, changing out grips is quick and inexpensive. So Dad, get you son and get his hands measured. Get the correct grips for his hand size.

See you on #1 tee… Get a grip… Sam

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