Junior Golf: The President’s Cup Lesson 2

imageIn this Columbus Day Monday Mulligan we will look at Lesson #2 from the President’s Cup. Watching professional golfers is always an educational experience and the amazing sights from Inchon, Korea, hosting 24 of the top male professionals provided exceptional footage!

The 1st thing I want to point out is that while, if you spend enough time with your junior golfer, playing golf yourself and watching professional events, you will always see something that you have never seen before. Some good and some bad. So let’s start with moments where the professionals did not look so great. This is to show your son that no one plays perfect golf, golfers are human with human emotions and really there is not that much difference between dedicated junior golfers and professionals. (photo jennleforgegolf.com)

Again parents, I’m making a point here, not focusing on the negative. 1st: short putts, putts 5-feet or less. Any pro will tell you that you must be virtually 100% on making these if you want to win a golf tournament. Well, in day 2 FourBall, which is really BetterBall, meaning 2 guys from each team play in a Foursome and the low score from each of the 2 players from each team is the recorded score for that hole, Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson were playing against Jason Day and Charl Schwartzel and everybody, each of them, yes, that’s 4 of the top pros in the world, missed a 5-foot or shorter putt to win the hole, in other words these putts were on the same hole, unbelievable. The hole was halved with 4 bogies. So all this group and their caddies were shaking their heads walking to the next tee.image

Same day, 1 of the par 4’s has water all along the right side of the fairway and the wind was also blowing from left to right. 16 pros played that hole in Round 2 and 8 balls went in the water. And we saw chunked pitch shots, bad sands shots and considerable shots not going where the player wanted them to go. It got so bizarre that the announcers said it looked more like the Wednesday Pro-Am, than a professional golf tournament. (photo from golf.com)

The main difference between these pros and any amateur golfer, including your junior golfer is the mental game. Pros have a short memory and after hitting a terrible shot, they will most likely hit an amazing shot, leaving you speechless. The mental game is the difference and the toughest part of the game to master. So Dad and Mom teach your son to let go of, forget the bad shot and focus on hitting the next shot well. The sooner he starts doing that, the better he will play. Every golfer hits ugly shots. It’s what your son does on the next shot that matters.

See you on #1 tee, with a short memory… Sam.

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