Junior Golf: Caps & Visors

imageIn today’s Monday Mulligan we are taking a look at another vital, but often ignored or taken for granted piece of golf attire, caps and visors. Yes, indeed, there is more than 1 reason virtually every professional golfer wears 1 of these.

Why does your son need a cap or visor? Well, the obvious answer is to keep the sun out of his eyes and that is true, but there is more. In hot weather the sweatband inside helps keep sweat from running into his eyes. A cap keeps his scalp from getting sunburned. Is keeps his hair out of his eyes. And a cap keeps his head warm in cooler weather and it keeps his head somewhat dry and helps keep moisture out of his eyes and off of his glasses when it’s raining. (photo jennleforge.com)

A visor is my preference on warm to cool weather because for me there are times a cap is just too hot. Be aware that it is totally possible for your son to get a sunburned scalp when he wears a visor. And some kids will wear either and some kids absolutely cannot stand visors and just won’t wear them.

So what do you look for in a cap or visor? It depends. Cheapies tend to be good-looking only until your son has his 1st sweaty round in it. Then his sweat will either bleach out the color or permanently stain the color to where the cap/visor looks horrible, no this is not a high-fashion horrible and he can only wear it somewhere he won’t really be seen. Higher quality caps/visors have a better feel to them and may cost up to $25-30. The bleached/no color added fabrics actually sometimes do better than dyed ones as far as being cleanable and looking good after the cleaning. The 2 longest-lasting visors I have are made of a synthetic material and both can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush, liquid soap and cold water. After a few years, they just look old, but they have been wonderful to where you want to find more like them. Caps only take a few cleanings and then they start to break down. (photo g01.a.alicdn.com)image

So look for quality in the construction: nice feel to the fabric, decently thick headband, quality adjuster, not the cheap plastic strap with holes and probably a synthetic material. The lightweight colorful cotton caps are only good for 1 sweaty wearing and then they look terrible and you can’t fix them. 1 more thing and you don’t find this often and I don’t know why: look for a dark underside to the bill. This allows your son’s eyes to relax a bit more as it reduces glare. Really it makes a big difference. Many fishing hats have this feature and it is 1 of our favorite cap and visor characteristics.

There are youth sizes and adult size. Be sure you know what your son’s size is before spending any money. 1 more thing: just because a cap or visor has a big-name golf logo on it doesn’t mean it is top quality. And just,because someone want $29.95 for it doesn’t mean it is top quality either. Mom and Dad beware. And yes, we believe that yours son and every golfer should wear a cap or visor. They are essential.

See you on #1 tee, with cap in hand or on head… Sam

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