Junior Golf: A Tough Question

As we look at today’s Wednesday Waggle we want to make certain everyone is on the same page to start the new year. One of the ways to do this is to ask questions and now we will tackle what should probably be the 1st question you ask your daughter.image

Sometimes we tend to take our kids for granted and that includes taking their responses for granted as well. What was the last time you were surprised, if not shocked by your daughter’s reply to a situation or question? (photo golfdigest.com)

As Your Golf Parent Coaches, we believe a basic foundation of your support and relationship to your daughter’s junior golf career is in understanding why she does what she does. And the 1st question you should ask is, “Why do you play golf?” Now this is a scary question for Dad and Mom because we think we already know the answer, but until your daughter gives her answer, we don’t really know. (photo m.downloadatoz.com)

The answer we all would like to have is “Because I enjoy playing golf.” Now this has a number of variations like: enjoy being with friends, like being outdoors, like the competition, hope to get a college scholarship and more. Your daughter’s enjoyment of the game enables your family team to move forward with her plans for 2016.image

The other responses may require introspective family discussions before you begin pursuing the new year’s goals. So, what if the answer is: “Because Dad/Mom wants me to play golf.” Yes, this is very different than playing for the love of the game. Please remember the Linda and I are not psychologists or medical professionals. We are passing along what we have experienced during S3’s junior golf and college golf careers. I’ll address this 2nd response in a future post.

Today let’s focus on the fact that your daughter plays golf because she enjoys it. This frees your relationship to implement her goals and game plan for 2016. It’s time to be excited, a new beginning of sorts, a fresh start. Encourage a short memory. Wipe out the negative thoughts and bad shots and start focusing on improving her game. Replay the good, never the bad! Relax and enjoy the game!

See you on #1 tee… Because you love playing golf… Sam

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