unior Golf: How To Stay Warm

imageIn this Wednesday Waggle we will show you some ways to keep your son from getting cold. Playing competitive golf involves dressing appropriately for the weather conditions. Cold weather involves more advance planning than hot weather since in the cold, temperatures can go up or down or stay the same throughout all 18 holes. (photo golfdigest.com)

My Dad used to tell me about hunting that once your feet got cold, you were done. The discomfort, lack of concentration and increased movement were not conducive to a productive hunting session. And it’s very similar with golf. With proper socks and golf shoes it’s likely your son’s feet won’t get cold particularly after he has walked a few holes carrying his bag. What can quickly get cold and potentially ruin the round is his hands, ears and head.

Warm hands are a must! Cold hands mean no feel and no feel means no good golf shots, period. There are some cold weather golf gloves, but our family, including S3, has never used them. Here are the items your son needs for warm hands: at least 2 dry spare regular golf gloves, at least 2 large heat packs (keep at least 6 large heat packs in his bag), a pair of the big golf mittens-we have Nike and they are great-and a pair of the wetter is better style golf gloves. And all of these need to be in his golf bag when he tees off.image

S3 and I played in a high school fundraiser scramble with some friends in February a few years ago. It was on a Sunday so we headed to church with a 37-degree temperature forecast to rise to the mid-50’s by our tee time. There was no time to retrieve more clothes since we had to rush from church to the course. The temperature never moved from 37-degrees and it was cloudy, breezy and humid. And we were dressed for 55-degrees! Yes, we froze to death and were uncomfortable and shivering for 5 hours. But we played pretty well because, you guessed it, S3 and I had heat packs in our bags so our hands were somewhat warm. And our warm hands helped our bodies be not quite so cold-an added benefit of having the heat packs. A similar situation will occur during your son’s junior golf career. Be prepared! Note every golf course will sell out of heat packs very fast! Don’t plan on being able to buy heat packs at the course. (photo underarmour.com)image

Now the ears and head are much simpler to keep warm. Choices, depending on your son’s needs are: cap-wool, fleece, corduroy or at least heavy cotton, beanie/stocking cap or headring which keeps just the ears warm. S3 has a lightweight fleece Under Armour stocking cap which he absolutely loves! His head and ears get cold so in winter weather he always wears this to start his round and usually takes it off after a few holes. I prefer the headring and Linda loves the more traditional stocking caps. To get additional protection from the wind, buy models with the metal/wind barrier technology. They are worth spending a couple of extra dollars.

See you on #1 tee looking warm… Sam

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