Junior Golf: Losing Properly

In this Wednesday Waggle we will dive into the subject of the proper way to lose. Winning any golf tournament is a big achievement and being close and in a position to win is exciting. It is also difficult to finish strong and end up in 1st place.img_0102-1

Your daughter may be in the lead, tied for the lead or within a couple of strokes of the lead with less than 9 holes to play. She may or may not be aware of her position and depending on her maturity, skill level and personality it may or may not be beneficial for her to know where she stands.

A lot happens on the finishing holes of golf tournaments so being prepared for anything, however unlikely, is a good mindset. Golf is a game of honesty, integrity and courtesy and this means during the tough times as well as during the good ones. It can be particularly difficult when a competitor makes a putt on the last hole to beat your daughter. Or your girl’s par on the 1st playoff hole loses to a birdie. This happens, prepare for it. (golfdigest.com)

To paraphrase a conversation between golf legend Jack Nicklaus and interviewer David Feherty, Jack: “I never had a problem with losing if I gave it my best effort. That was the influence of my father. My Dad said to me that when the tournament’s over, put a smile on your face, make sure that the person you’re congratulating genuinely thinks that you’re happy for him, shake his hand firmly, look him squarely in the eye, say “Well done.” “ I think it’s served me well in life and it’s the right thing to do.” Wow, some of the all-time great advice!image

S3 has only lost 1 playoff. He and 1 other player tied at a tournament and went back to 18 tee to begin the playoff. After 2 decent tee shots, S3 was just off the green and his competitor was on the green but about 35-feet from the pin. S3 chipped up to 6-inches and tapped in for a par. Expecting a 2-putt from the other player we were preparing for the next playoff hole. OK here’s that part about expect the unexpected. The young man stepped up struck his putt and it went right into the center of the cup, from 35-feet. Yes, we were shocked, but it was a great putt. So we looked at each other, threw our hands up, not in a disrespectful way, and said.”He won.” He deserved it with a putt like that. Hey, S3 still played a lot of great golf, he just got beat in the playoff. So we congratulated the 1st place winner, took the 2nd place award and went home. (nicklaus.com)

See you on #1 tee, looking like a winner… Sam

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