Junior Golf: Weekly Tips for Family Success

img_0135-1In today’s Monday Mulligan, Linda is sharing three weekly tips you and your Junior golfer can use to help attain family success off the course.

During The Players this weekend, Jordan Spieth missed the cut. When commentator and PGA tour winner, Aaron Oberholser, was asked, “Was it just Jordan’s putting that got him in trouble?” as Jordan referenced. Aaron stated that Jordan had too much “we” in his talk about his mistakes on the course and that he needed to get to back to the ownership of “I.”

As a player, you have the ultimate say as to what’s going on, you must own your club choice, your shots, and your attitude. It’s the same for us, as individuals when we own our responsibilities, there is less stress and more flow in our everyday.

As parents, you lead the pack in setting this mindset for your family. In essence, you are to “own” your choices as you create and influence your family lifestyle.  Your lifestyle at home creates a pattern your children will either embrace or run from when they’re older.

Three tips we’re looking at today to help you help you attain family success are your weekly scheduling, weekly must do’s, and weekly fun.

Weekly Scheduling – builds time management skills.

  • Color Code your individual activities to discover potential overload.
  • Using a wall calendar gives a vivid and REAL picture of where everyone is during the week and what they’re involved in. Google calendar offers you the option of color coding as well.
  • The best time-balance is found in no more than two-night activities each week per child/family member.
  • If you have five in your family, coordinate your times/days so you’re not out every night during the week as taxi service.
  • Teaching your children at a young age to monitor their time will increase their ability to manage it better as they become more independent.

Weekly (Chores) Must Do’s – establishes personal responsibility habits.

  • Checklist Sheet – Have your family members walk through the house in different areas and list all the “must do’s” they can find that will keep your home in a peaceful and pleasant, or happy condition.
    • Taking out the trash
    • Doing dishes.
    • Cleaning clothes
    • Cleaning all the rooms of the house.
    • Toilets.
    • Making dinner.

This is a great time to remind yourselves and you children, that a family is people who have a special intimacy and loyalty to one another. It’s your place of belonging, as such… it’s not one person’s job to maintain the home/family. Everyone must contribute according to their abilities.family outing

Do you remember the term, Ohana used by the animated movie character, Stitch? It means family. I don’t know of anyone who heard him say that word that didn’t get choked up, because, being part of a family holds emotional importance. In the same way, it should not be a chore to coexist in a family, taking care of our home is something we choose to do because we belong to one another.

Weekly Fun – develops family bonding beyond golf. (Year round)

Use JOY Jars to bring variety into your routine

  • Meal time – everyone adds a favorite meal choice to be chosen once or twice a week, depending on your budget. Once a meal is chosen it’s removed until all are chosen then you put back in or replace with new.
  • Family time – everybody adds a favorite, “Oh, I’d like to do this, watch this, or play this!” Again, within reason and your budget. Playdates, puzzles, movies, etc.
  • Move-it time – everyone adds a favorite 30-minute physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Move your body 30 minutes a day with fun activities, clearing the yard, walking the dog. Anything that gets you off the couch. Bike riding incorporates both family and move-it time.
  • Downtime – maybe not in a jar so to speak, but select a time during the week or each day when you limit technology. Phones, iPads, iPods, TV is off. Creating a time of being still, reduces stress, allows for a mental regrouping, helps us to realize we don’t have to go go go all the time. Consider this family-massage… Play peaceful music throughout the home. Even thirty minutes a day sets a pattern your kids will look forward to over time. As soon as they get home from school, or right after homework. 15 minutes will work too.

There you go, three lifestyle tips to help you have family success off the course.

Have a blessed family week, see at the front door… Linda

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