Junior Golf: Recognition For Achievement

In today’s Wednesday Waggle we will take a look at how Dad and Mom should respond when your daughter has a good result from some of her efforts. Depending on her personality type the perfect parental response can vary, but all 4 personalities can be addressed in a similar manner. (photo golfdigest.com)img_0102-1

Please remember that Linda and I are not sports psychologists, we are parents relating our experiences with our son. Linda is certified as an Advanced Personalities Trainer and is a Board Certified Christian Life Coach. Basically our kids do not want to disappoint us so conversely when they accomplish a good goal, say a high placement in a tournament, we should dutifully give them positive recognition. If your daughter is of the peaceful personality she would prefer to be told in front of close family only, not really in front of a bunch of people. Now the popular girl would like these words announced to the world, she wants everybody to know she did well. A directive child may already have told you how well she performed, but you still need to tell her yourself. And the perfect personality, who may be wondering if you are capable of understanding what a great job she did, still needs to hear from you, but just a few words, as below. More specifics on the personalities in future posts.

Being recognized by someone meaningful, as in a parent, just really makes your child feel good. A great phrase would be: “Great job Ashley, all your hard work really paid off!” There are a lot of meaningful words in this short sentence. Think about it, your kiddo wants to know that you know they did a good job and you approve, that’s it.

imageSo our most recent and biggest achievement by S3 is of course, his timely 4-year college graduation May 20, 2016. This was the major goal of all those wonderful years of junior golf and he did it! So after he walked the stage, we said all these words and more, it was an amazing moment! For an effort of this magnitude, Linda and I wanted to offer a nice trip as a recognition and reward. We asked if he preferred going with a friend or being with the 2 of us. When he said, “Mom and Dad I want to spend some time with you.” Our hearts melted. We’ll have a look at this trip of trips in the next post.

See you on #1 tee looking to accomplish something… Sam

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