Junior Golf: Parents-Appreciate And Understand

In today’s Wednesday Waggle we will look at a picture we see a lot of, but sometimes take for granted. Those folks who are not around elite junior golfers don’t fully grasp their skill level. (photo jennleforge.com)img_0135-1

S3, Linda and I pulled up to The Conservatory for our final round on the wonderful Hammock Beach Resort courses. As we were heading to the driving range, the starter came up and said that he had a single, a club member, that would like to join us, would we mind? It would be our pleasure, we all replied and Pascual introduced himself. All of us hit it off immediately and we headed to #1 tee.

Pascual mentioned he had heard someone in our group was playing from the tips and he really wanted to be a part of our 4-some. When S3 cranked his 1st drive right down the middle, Pascual said something to the effect of, “Man I’m going to enjoy this!”

As we got to know each other better, P had a stroke a few years ago and his Doctor said he would likely be wheelchair-bound and his golfing days were over. Well, sheer persistence and determination pulled him through to where he walks with no limp and still hits the golf ball in play and has skills around the green. It seems the prestroke Pascual was quite a good golfer. His left side is a bit weaker than his right so he hits a fade, but really is amazing to watch. He is a very positive man! What an inspiration!

Back to our round. I can’t tell you how many times P was in awe of S3’s distance and accuracy. It was a great blessing for us to spend a few hours with this delightful man. As our time together was ending, P emphasized several things: 1st how much he enjoyed our family’s interaction and that we should appreciate that we have it, 2nd how thrilling it was to see S3 hit so many professional quality golf shots and 3rd that he wanted to make sure he got S3’s name correct so he could follow him on the PGA Tour. What a great experience! (photo blog.golfnow.com)image

Parents, we all get used to seeing our youngsters hit amazing golf shots because we are around them so much. The distance and accuracy at the elite junior golf level for boys and girls is surprising to those who do not see it on a daily basis. Please do not take your kiddo’s skills for granted. You, above everyone else, knows the time and effort required to achieve and maintain this high skill level. Take a breath, relax and actually see/focus on each shot and enjoy it and appreciate it. Remember that if your junior golfer regularly breaks 80, he/she is already playing better than 99% of golfers worldwide!

See you on #1 tee ready to appreciate what you have… Sam

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