Junior Golf: Let’s Sweat

In this Monday Mulligan we are going to embrace summer and the heat and humidity that many of us will be enjoying for the next few months. Being an athlete means playing your sport in the conditions at hand as long as the game can be properly played and participants and spectators are safe.”

If you or your daughter tends to make statements like, “Wow, it’s going to be hot today!”, or something similar, Linda and I recommend you engage in a change of attitude. Your daughter will play in many more events that are too hot, too cold or too rainy, than she will when it’s 75 degrees and low humidity. Accept it and learn how to deal with it, sooner, rather than later. (photo jennleforge.com)

Today we’re talking about sweat, the act of sweating. This is a healthy function helping with the body’s temperature regulation, the elimination of toxins and pollutants and removing the grit and grime that causes pimples. Hey is your junior golfer ready to go sweat now? Funny stuff!

You can surely see the LPGA and PGA players with wet shirts, skirts and pants. They sweat just like your junior golfer. But they know how to deal with all that moisture.

How does sweat impact you daughter’s ability to play well? 2 things come immediately to mind: 1st, she must have dry hands to properly grip and swing the club. Have at least 2 dry towels for wiping off hands, arms and face.And wear a glove on the weak hand-read right handed golfers wear a glove on the left hand. Take the glove off in between shots and when putting. Keep at least 2 spare dry gloves in the golf bag and again have 2 or more dry towels to wipe off with. 2nd, sweat must be kept from running down her forehead into her eyes. Did you ever wonder why so many pros wear visors, caps or hats? Sure fashion and endorsements are a part of it, but keeping the sweat and sun out of their eyes is the real reason, oh yeah and the endorsement money haha! (Tiger photo free republic.com)image

S3 has always had a slight nervousness about sweaty-butt syndrome. This is, of course, when his backside is particularly wet on a hot and humid day. I think he quit thinking about it as much once it became clear to him that white underwear was the only option when wearing those beautiful white golf pants!

Your daughter is going to get sweaty on the golf course. Plan ahead with her clothing choices. The new breathable and wicking fabrics are wonderful. We no longer buy cotton golf shirts or underwear. Please educate yourself and your girl on the advances in sports clothing and the new fabrics that provide for a very comfortable time on the golf course.

See you on #1 tee, no sweat… Sam

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