Junior Golf: Do This With Nike

img_0102In today’s Wednesday Waggle we will look at some ways to take advantage of a major change happening in the world of golf. We’re talking about Nike’s recently announced decision to exit the golf equipment and golf ball business.

Dad and Mom, please don’t fret over Nike’s new direction. It is just part of an economic cycle, the company made a business decision and it really should have no impact on your junior golfer at all. (Dufner photo golfdigest.com)

There are however, a couple of ways you can benefit from the new status quo. 1st, if you’re a collector-type of person, you might want to seek out a new high-end, Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy edition set of irons, driver or putter and buy it and lock it up. Who knows, in 10 or 20 years it might be very collectible and worth several times what you paid. Be aware, there is always risk in collecting anything, but I have a few golfing friends who are surely going to do exactly this.

More realistic for most of us is to be patient and wait until all the other companies release their new clubs late this year and early next year. By then the retailers will likely be ditching their remaining Nike stock at very low prices and you could save a bunch of money. There are going to be Nike golf clubs for sale at very low prices at some point.

And Nike golf clubs are good. In fact we have had several sets among us and we are keeping S3’s Nike Slingshot irons, which are at least 10-years old, because they are fabulous clubs for beginner/intermediate players, young or old, male or female. I have in my bag 1 of my and S3’s all-time favorite clubs, a Nike Ignite 5-wood, stiff shaft. It’s easy to hit and he and I both love this club! It’s just 1 of those that will always be in 1 of our bags! (photo sandbox8.com)image

We like Nike balls as well. My only hole-in-one was with a Nike One Platinum, a favorite ball in our family. I could compress those balls and they had such a sweet feeling coming off the clubface. In fact, that was the last time I shot even-par and I played that ball all 9 holes. Yep, 2-over standing on #9 tee and smacked a 6-iron 175 yards right into the cup to finish even par, 36. What fun!

Watch for sales on Nike clubs and balls and golf gloves too! Save some money and enjoy doing it!

See you on #1 tee with something Nike in your bag… Sam

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