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Junior Golf: Enter Summer Events Now

In this Monday Mulligan we’re going to get some structure to your daughter’s summer. Now is the time to enter these tournaments.img_0135

A lot can be accomplished in summer golf. Your girl can make new golf buddies, play against new competitors and spend a ton of time practicing and have an improved golf game when schools starts back up. (photo

In the world of amazing, Starburst, the world’s biggest junior golf tournament, still, as of April 30, 2016, has spots open in every division. This is special! Dad and Mom please go to and take a look. This is a 1 of a kind scenario with over 1,000 total entries. 3 different courses over 3 days, free evening meals for 2 nights and an environment that is unmatched, not even close, anywhere else in the junior golf world! Your daughter is old enough, entries for girls and boys start at 7 years old. Enter and go, you’ll be glad you did!

In the less vacation-type summer tournaments, it’s time to look at all the events that are at a convenient distance. 1st is city, county or state junior championships. Next go to your state PGA site and look at their junior programs. Texas, for instance, is divided into north and south PGA zones. Central and South Texas is covered by and north Texas is There are plenty of junior opportunities through the PGA junior programs. (photo

Next on the list would be the elite tournaments for the more highly-skilled juniors. Here in Texas we have the Legends Junior Tour, the Texas Junior Golf Tour and a few American Junior Golf Tour dates. The Future Champions Tour is in California, Hurricane Junior Tour runs tournaments in 32 states and the Dixie PGA Junior Tour is in Southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Folks, there is junior golf available almost everywhere in this country so get online and start looking. You will find more than you originally were expecting.

See you on #1 tee looking ready for summer golf… Sam

Junior Golf: Plan Your Summer Now

In today’s Wednesday Waggle we are saying this is the time to look ahead a few months in the life of your daughter’s golf. Plan your family’s summer calendar now.img_0102-1

Summer is one of those times that junior golfers can really spend a lot of time improving their game. Pretty much every golf facility from driving ranges, golf courses, country clubs and resorts have as least some junior golf activities going on.

So where does a parent start? 1st, what is the family doing together this summer? Is there a vacation planned? Make sure it’s around at least a couple of golf courses so your daughter can enjoy playing new venues. Part of the love and sheer enjoyment of playing golf comes from teeing off on new golf courses. It is exciting and fun! Once you have the family schedule you can book your daughter’s golf camps and tournaments around the family events.

Parents please get after this as some tournaments will fill up quickly and your girl may end up on a waiting list for a big tournament she was really looking forward to competing in. 1st up is the Starburst Junior Golf Classic in Waco, Texas, June 13-15. This is a MUST PLAY at least once for your daughter. It is the largest junior golf tournament in the world with over 1,000 entries and it’s very prestigious and a ton of fun, open to ages 7-18. You need to enter soon because even if your girl’s event is still open, you may have trouble getting a motel room. The whole Waco area is completely booked solid for this event. She plays 3 different courses in 3 days. Great fun and parents are allowed to caddy here, yea! Linda and I alternated caddying for S3, a special time. ( Jason Dufner photo

Next on the list should be your local city, county and state junior championships. While these can be slower to fill up, we always believed that entering sooner rather than later was always best. These tournaments are special because it shows your daughter where she stands relative to girls in her locale that she will be competing with even through college. She’ll make some lifelong friends in the process and frankly seeing some of her friends improve will likely inspire her to work even harder on her own game.

Now we come to junior golf tour events. Here in Texas the North Texas PGA and the South Texas PGA sponsor their own series of junior tournaments. There are a bunch of them, pretty much all over the state and they are inexpensive. Depending on your daughter’s skill level you may look at entering her in the Texas Junior Golf Tour or the Legends Junior Tour. These are events for kiddos at the medium to high skill level. Your girl should be consistently shooting in the mid-80’s to play in these tournaments. They are pricey but the atmosphere and talent level is exhilarating for participants and parents alike. If your girl likes to compete, this should fire her up!

Here’s a photo of S3 and his caddy, me, prior to teeing off in a US Amatuer Qualifier at Comanche Trace Country Club, Kerrville, Texas, summer of 2015. I’m telling all you golf parents, these are some of the best moments of your lives, take advantage of them and enjoy this quality time with your junior golfer!

imageAnd for the highest skill levels, you have the AJGA and then the national junior championships put on by the USGA. If your daughter is keeping a GHIN, then you can see if her GHIN is low enough to enter the USGA events. They are super special and pressure-packed! It is not unusual for golfers to be nervous or a bit intimidated by more prestigious events. The jitters should calm once she gets off of #1 tee.

See you on #1 tee with a full summer golf schedule… Sam

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