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Junior Golf: A Must Have-Waterproof Golf Shoes

imageIn today’s Wednesday Waggle we are going to look at some wet weather tips. There are always wet spots on golf courses even in the middle of the summer in a drought. There’s a creek, pond, hazard, leaky sprinkler or pipe so water is something you have to deal with in golf. Some days the moisture is just on the ground and other days it’s in the air too.

I think for the purposes of this post we’ll focus on golf shoes. There are plenty of additional wet weather tips for future posts. So, our family believes that next to properly-fitted golf clubs, quality waterproof golf shoes are a seriously important piece of gear. We have always bought name -brand waterproof golf shoes. Yes, children’s sizes can be hard to find and expensive so the thought process is: learn how to find bargains on the desired shoes and be patient as you wait for your junior golfer’s feet to get big enough for adult sizes, which makes this process easier and cheaper. (photo

Wet feet are horrible for any golfer, much less your daughter who may try to gut it out and tell you she’s fine, even when her wet socks and shoes are chewing her feet up. Yes Mom and Dad most of our kids are tougher than we give them credit for and they don’t want to disappoint us. This means there are times they just won’t fess up when they are hurting.

Here’s how to buy quality golf shoes without breaking the bank. Sign up for free emails from the big golf online stores: The Golf Warehouse, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts Golf and more.
While you can go on eBay or Amazon, we find that dealing with the stores themselves is easier if there is an issue. Most golf shoes have a waterproof warranty as follows: No Warranty(no protection from water), 1-year Waterproof Warranty and 2-year Waterproof Warranty. S3, Linda and I have worn many pairs of Adidas, FootJoy and now TRUE Linkswear golf shoes and every pair has had some waterproof warranty. And to this point over some 16 years we have never had any pair of any of these brands leak. Folks there are some good golf shoes being made.image

If you can be patient, some store always has some golf shoes on sale. Check them out. I don’t mean to play favorites, but The Golf Warehouse seems to always have golf shoes on sale. They may be close-outs of lasts year’s styles, but so what they are still great shoes, now at a really great price. (photo

Parents, you can keep water from coming in from the soles, seams, fabric/material of your daughter’s golf shoes. Buy quality as recommended above. Now keeping water from coming in over the top of the shoe or from running down the clothes or leg into the shoe is a matter for another day.

See you on #1 tee, with dry feet… Sam

Junior Golf: Watch the Pros

imageIn today’s Friday Flop Shot we’re talking about why your junior golfer should watch the pros. It is a major accomplishment for any young man or young woman to make the leap from the “junior” tours onto the PGA or LPGA Tours. Heck it is quite a feat just to get status on the junior tours. (photo

All your son needs to do and you can help, is to start looking anywhere golf data is available. This includes magazines, websites, and TV, including the very informative Golf Channel. You will find an almost overwhelming amount of tips, instruction and training aides available for your inspection. How on earth do you filter this down to what is meaningful and genuinely helpful for your son?

Start with the basics, yes, start with the “less is more” mentality. Here’s a great example: Phil Mickelson, World Golf Hall of Fame Member is someone to watch on the driving range. First thing to do is to stop watching the ball and look at the golfer, especially on the driving range. You will see many pros, Phil included, using alignment sticks. These are the metal rods sold in most golf shops and stores all over the U.S. They are very inexpensive and should really be bought 2 at a time. Depending on what is being worked on, alignment sticks can be set up in unlimited arrays, but the most commonly seen is 1 stick laid flat on the ground and the golfer aligns his toes with the stick. This is to insure that the setup is correct. Parents, it is so easy for any golfer to setup just a little bit wrong. And this should not happen because the setup is when your youngster has complete control of the situation. A correct setup is a major benefit to producing a good golf swing which hopefully ends up with the desired shot and result.

So just checking to make sure the feet are aligned in the correct direction, something so basic, is something the pros spend much more time on than you may have thought. Back to basics. Sounds boring, but it’s not. It’s where it all starts. (photo

As you and your son become more informed on various uses of the sticks, you will really begin to understand the beauty and functionality in their simplicity. Next time you guys are watching a golf tournament or a “live from” on the Golf Channel, pay attention to the interviews done on the driving range. You will learn a good tip or good habit to pursue. And I hope you have added the Golf Channel to your TV package…and TiVo/Recorder too! There is so much great instruction!image

For inexpensive training aides that you can just walk in and buy, alignment sticks are a #1 Top Choice in our book. They are pretty much indestructible and so versatile. Buy some today and learn how to use them. Don’t overdo it. Just start with lining up the feet.

See you on #1 tee and I want to see some alignment sticks in your bag… Sam

Junior Golf: Take a Break Before School Starts

imageIn today’s Monday Mulligan, we will look at why it is important for your junior golfer to take a break before school starts. A summer filled with golf activities is a wonderful thing, but your youngster needs a mental and physical break. With school starting in mid-to-late August in most cases, this is a perfect time to spend some energy on school prep and not think about golf for a week or 2. (Photo by

Golf needs to be fun for everybody. Even the pros, if they are not enjoying playing and competing find it hard to even make the cut sometimes. Your junior golfer needs a ton of fun, combined with some instruction and practice. If he starts seeing golf as work or drudgery, you need to change things quickly.

So for now, rather than overthinking this and wondering if your kiddo needs a break, just take my word for it and give him one, for 2 weeks max. He may ask if he can go start hitting balls again before break time is up. That’s OK, but make sure he takes a complete break from playing, hitting, chipping and putting for at least a week.image

Priorities in our house were grades first, then golf, so getting a positive mental attitude about school starting back up, reuniting with friends and looking forward to fall golf tournaments is all part of the deal. Also, your son will feel refreshed and reinvigorated after some time without golf. (photo by

When the pros take time off, it is different that what your son is doing, but the reasons for taking the time off and anticipated results upon returning to the game are pretty much the same. They want to “find their game”, if they are not playing well. Or they need rest after playing in a lot of consecutive tournaments. Or they may just be tired and need some family time.

Breaks are good for the brain and good for the body and good for the family. So give your son a break. He will quickly get back into the swing of things…and probably swing better!

See you on #1 tee… Sam

The Correct Fit for Your Junior Golfer: Part 3

Welcome to our first Friday Flop Shot. The FFS finishes our weekly focus reminding you to review the Monday Mulligan and Wednesday Waggle. It also provides new related information and encourages you to get some golf activity booked for the weekend😀 The Correct Fit for Your a Junior Golfer: Part 3 takes a brief look at push/pull carts and golf shoes and finishes our Correct Fit series. (Flop shot photo from


Boys, in particular, go through stages of using push/pull carts. Once puberty sets in, carts are not considered “manly” and your son will not use one. This isn’t all bad as carrying your own bag is the norm in junior high, high school and college golf. Your kiddo’s shoulders, back and legs need to get used to carrying an extra 30-pounds for 5 miles. We have 2 carts: an inexpensive pull cart we paid $25.00 for and it is functional. Then a couple of years ago we bought a ClikGear for $220.00. The difference is similar to comparing a cheap bicycle to a Mercedes Benz. I caddy for S3 in the San Antonio Men’s City Championship. This is 54 holes, 18 holes a day for 3 days in late June in San Antonio, Texas. It is hot and afternoon tee times are brutal. The ClikGear is an almost effortless pleasure to push around the course and I will never use the pull cart again, now that the CG is in our family. Here is a photo of our personal ClikGear and we absolutely love it😃 The pull cart, however, depending on your physical needs can be much more comfortable than carrying the bag. Again, the choice is yours and needs can surely change over time. Girls are much more inclined to use carts and end up saving energy for those crucial shots at the end of the round.


Golf shoes, shoes that are designed for golf are essential. If your kiddo’s feet aren’t happy, your kiddo isn’t happy. Blisters, wet shoes, shoes with no waterproof ability all can make a round of golf a round of misery. Playing in tennis shoes is barely tolerable and here’s why: they may have the foot too high off the ground, may not provide proper lateral support and may not have sufficient traction. The new spikeless golf shoes are much more than just sneaker look-alikes as they meet all the above requirements. With careful shopping you should be able to find a pair of junior golf shoes for under $50.00. Footjoy, Adidas and Nike are very popular trusted brands and Puma, Oakley, Under Armour, Callaway and True Linkswear also make great products. The Golf Warehouse always has some golf shoes on sale.

Now, get your junior golfer and head to the driving range! See you on #1 tee… Sam

Improve Your Junior Golfer’s Score by Wearing These!

Junior golf is on the rise and today’s field can be very competitive, one way to improve your golfer’s score is to invest in Golf shoes! 

Yes, while it seems obvious that your Junior Golfer should wear golf shoes, you will be amazed by how many young golfers wear tennis-type shoes to play golf.  (Note: If your kiddo is under 10 years old, you may not have a great selection of junior-sized golf shoes available and tennis shoes can be less costly especially during frequent growth spurts.)

As cost effective and comfortable as tennis shoes and sandals may be, they are poor first-choices because they’re not made for playing golf.

  • Tennis shoes tend to have thicker soles which raise the foot higher off the ground
    • Leading to a possibly higher incidence of ankle injuries
    • Less feel on all ground surfaces
    • Poor traction and stability
    • Virtually no water resistance.
  • Sandals do not provide the lateral support required for golf
    • Are uncomfortable when there is moisture or ants present.

Parents, please remember, there is always water on or around golf courses; from early morning dew, to a rain shower and of course, the dreaded water hazards.  Our family has always believed that water-resistant or waterproof golf shoes are the only way to go as an investment into our Junior Golfer’s future.  Again, for your kiddos under age 10, these shoes can be hard to find and run into some money, particularly if you are buying shoes every few months.

Let’s begin with some golf shoe basics. The main reasons to wear golf shoes are:

  • 1.  To provide a stable platform for the golf swing – cleats
  • 2.  To provide support and comfort for the feet during all phases of the round -swinging and walking
  • 3.  To provide traction for walking on slick, grassy surfaces
  • 4.  To provide some water resistance or waterproof protection
  • 5.  And certainly for teenagers, to provide a degree of fashion and good looks

 Features you want in a golf shoe:

1.  A good fit – let the shoe pro determine a great fit

2.  Soft replaceable spikes – metal spikes are not allowed on many courses

3.  Water-resistant or waterproof material

4.  Leather is best (it lasts longer than synthetics)

5.  Buy a name brand – over time your JG will feel the difference

6.  Buy a box of spare cleats and a cleat tool for your specific cleats

Some top name brands are Adidas, Ecco, Etonic, FootJoy and NikeOakley and Puma make great products that are starting to show up in more stores.  Never buy golf shoes without having your Junior Golfer try them on first.  Nikes tend to run narrow and while our son loves their styles, he has not been able to find a pair that fits his feet.

 S3 and our whole family have worn the Adidas Tour 360 4.0’s (now called Tour360 ATV) for the last 4 years and have found them to be fabulous golf shoes.  They are durable, waterproof, easy-to-clean and a fit great!  And a lot of pros wear them-just look for the 3 slightly diagonal stripes on the side of the shoe.

News Flash!!!  Ask your swing coach, junior high coach or high school coach what kind of discounts they can get from their golf reps.  These discounts are widely available and can save you as much as 50%.

Well, that’s enough for now!  Let’s go find some golf shoes!!

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