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Junior Golf: It’s Open Championship Week-Get Excited!

In this week’s Monday Mulligan there is so much history, so little time! It’s my favorite golf week of the year, the week of The Open Championship-formerly called The British Open, the 3rd men’s major championship of 2017.



This Thursday will mark the start of the 146th Open Championship. There is not enough time to get into the history of golf’s oldest championship. Here’s a taste of what will get you fired up!

Arnold Palmer’s Dad told him that if he was going to be a great golfer, he had to be great all over the world. In those days it mostly meant playing in The British Open. He did for the 1st time in 1960, coming in 2nd and won the next 2 years. Jack Nicklaus joined him and more Americans followed, elevating the quality of play because at that time, with a few notable exceptions, the Americans were the best golfers in the world. Now all the world’s greatest golfers want to be in this field.

Let’s get to it. One of the most important things this week involves freeing up space on your TiVo because there is a ton of hours to record. Next make sure you have The Golf Channel on your TV package because ALL The Open Championship coverage is on it, Directv Channel 218. Now be sure to record Live At The Open because you will learn more interesting golf stories and history and tips this week than in any other week of the year. There must be at least 50 hours of LATO.

Now record the tournament coverage. 1st round coverage begins at 12:30am, central time, this Thursday, July 20. Same start time for Friday. Saturday and Sunday play airs on The Golf Channel starting at 3:00am, central time. And, as always, record at least 1 extra hour past Sunday’s scheduled ending time, in case of a playoff.


Photocredit:The Golf Club Secretary

Be advised, minimize your access to social media. There is always someone posting the latest scores, leaders and great moments as soon as they occur. If you would prefer to find out theses things on your own you’ll need to take precautionary measures to protect your exposure to updates. When you wake up Sunday morning, in the U.S., at least, there will be a new Champion Golfer Of The Year. If you want to learn who it is on your own, stay away from social media. Get ready for an amazing week!

See you on #1 tee wanting to be Champion Golfer Of The Year… Sam

Junior Golf: The Masters

In today’s Wednesday Waggle we take a look at the men’s 1st major championship of the year and play starts tomorrow. Just to show you how nearly everybody in the world of golf is trying to tie in to The Masters, here are some examples of what’s available this week. (Dufner photo

1st and foremost, record the golf and the related talk shows like the Golf Channel’s Live From The Masters which airs all week long from Augusta National Golf Club. These “Live From” shows are great with amazing interviews and insights that your son can’t get anywhere else. If you don’t have a TiVo or some sort of recorder for your tv, please consider adding 1 to your tv provider package. Yes, I know it’s extra money, but if you and your son are serious about junior golf, this should be part of your budget. And yes, you need to get a tv package that includes The Golf Channel.

We have used DirecTV for years and they are a superior provider. For the majors they air extra broadcast channels and for The Masters it’s channels 701-705, showing featured holes, featured groups, etc., great stuff! ESPN, DirecTV channel 206, airs the tournament on Thursday and Friday starting at 2:00pm central time. Then CBS, DirecTV channel 5 here in San Antonio, airs it Saturday and Sunday also starting at 2:00pm central time. For Sunday, the final round, always records at least 2 hours extra after the end of scheduled broadcast time to capture any playoffs or just overrunning of time. This happens more often than you would expect.image

Just about every golf entity is relating their week’s activities to The Masters, and why wouldn’t they, certainly we are doing it here. Golf World, Golf Digest and the other big golf media companies are loaded with posts and featured articles about this tournament. Some are historical, some are current events and some are barely filler material, but all are worth at least a glance. Your son can get a grasp on some of the great moments in golf history and you can enjoy learning these things together. Quality time. This fires most kids up! S3 would be ready to get in the car and leave right now to go watch in person! It’s good for your Junior golfer to be excited about his sport. (image

Future Champions Golf in California is offering some discounts for event sign-ups when you do it through April 10, relating to The Masters. Big golf retailer Golfsmith is having a Par 3 Sale relating to the famous Masters Par 3 event. GolfNow also is using Masters references in their ads and emails promoting their discounted green fees. Masters mania is everywhere this week and you might take advantage of some of these specials and save a few bucks. Enjoy!

See you on #1 tee ready for a major round of golf… Sam

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