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New Year: New Attitude

In today’s Monday Mulligan we are going to look at the new year as an opportunity to have a new attitude, a fresh start, a clean slate. Put the past behind you and have your son do it also. (photo

It sounds so simple. A positive winning attitude is one of the most important mental aspects of playing solid competitive sports and the sooner your son addresses this issue the better off he will be. Please remember that I am not a sports psychologist. Linda and I are parents who are relating things we have personally experienced in our lives and in particular with S3’s junior golf and college golf careers.

Shaka Smart, the University of Texas Men’s Basketball Head Coach took an interesting approach to start the 2015-2016 season, he hired some former Navy SEALs to put his team and coaching staff through some of the same training that SEALs go through. The 3-day course, among other things helped players and coaches with team building, leadership and mental toughness. One of the great principles of the course is “It’s OK to be tired, but it’s not OK to quit.” What a great line! Your junior golfer will be tired after his last hole in a golf tournament. The mental and physical demands will have worn him out. And it is an age appropriate thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s 9, 18 or 36-holes, he will be tired. (photo

What does this have to do with attitude? From a purely parental point of view for your son to be a competitive junior golfer, he must first genuinely enjoy playing the game. Second, he must believe that he belongs on the course with his peers, including the really good ones and third, he must be in good enough physical shape to finish his round properly. With S3 this meant even par or better on the last 3 holes. This would be a decent indicator that his golf strength, aerobic conditioning and mental abilities were able to perform at the end of the day. If your son meets these 3 criteria his mental attitude is off to a good start.

See you on #1 tee and quitting is not an option… Sam

Junior Golf: 2016 is Your Year!

2016 is your year

Enjoy the New Year this way… Prioritize your time, make your Plan, and Practice your skills.

Without a plan, the people will perishSuccess comes to those who plan for it – the only things standing between your golfer and success are his priorities, his plans, and his practice.

Are you ready for great golf in 2016?

Sit down today, take out a calendar go to April 1, 2016, and write down his 3-month goal (Note, this is his goal, not yours. Ownership is everything when considering the success or failure of a project).

Then work backwards from there and write in the skills he needs to perfect in order to be on target for the said goal and the dates he needs to have them improved by. An example is, my 3-month April 1st goal is an improved short game. I need to chip better by February 15. I need to putt better by March 31st.

Now factor in what he must do each week to make his improvement attainable. “I commit to 30-45 minutes of skills-practice a minimum of three days each week.” This practice is in addition to his regular driving range time. The emphasis here is on his commitment, with your encouragement!

Be sure to customize the weekly practice according to the age and goal of your golfer. Remember… FUN is key to your golfer loving the game but practice will ensure perfecting it!

Have fun and enjoy the time spent with your golfer… these are memories worth making!

See you on #1 Tee… Linda

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