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Achievement Goals for Your Junior Golfer Golf Goals

In our third and final posting on goals, we will address golf goals. These are similar but different for every Junior Golfer.


Really, the most important all-encompassing goal is constant improvement… better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.

There are an infinite number of golf goals so the ones below are skill specific to help you get inspired to help your Junior Golfer come up with their own. You can have goals ranging from very short-term to very long-term (“the dream”). Always encourage your kids to dream.

Beginner skill level:
1. Strike the ball on every swing
2. Score less than 10 on each hole
3. Have a maximum of 3 putts on any hole
4. Play golf with someone you did not previously know
5. Enter golf tournaments on a consistent basis

Intermediate skill level:
1. Regularly break 100 for 18 holes
2. Have 2 pars per 18 holes
3. Find the club that puts you in play off the tee box, not Driver
4. Play against people that are better golfers than you are
5. Consistently put your chips within 3 feet of the hole

Advanced skill level:
1. Work on your course management
2. Work on controlling your emotions, particularly anger
3. Work on your short game, chipping and putting
4. Work on your people skills, play with a smile or at least appear to be in a good mood
5. Perfect a brand new shot or two

Lessons, range time, putting on the carpet at home, hitting whiffle balls in the yard are all part of golf goals and should be regularly scheduled.

Our experience with Sam III, S3, was that by the 8th grade he was hitting a lot of good shots, but needed consistency throughout 18 holes. Lessons were only 3 or 4 times a year, mainly when his swing just got out of sync…or he grew 3 inches over the summer! His goals were to be fighting for #1 or #2 on his high school golf team, be a leader on the team by his scores and actions and to always be in the Top10 in every tournament…high school, city championship and TJGT (Texas Junior Golf Tour). And of course to play college golf, which he is currently doing for Texas A & M International in Laredo, Texas. ( great NCAA Division II University just starting the process of building a winning college golf program. Your Junior Golfer might want to consider joining S3 in a great college golf environment.

Your Junior Golfer needs goals to know where they are going. Working on goals and reaching some of them promotes the confidence needed to compete at advanced levels. And the advanced skill levels are the ones the college coaches are interested in. College coaches will ask, “Why do you want to play golf for us? What do you want to get out of your college experience? “. You want solid answers. S3’s response was, “I want to get my degree, help build a winning golf program, be a leader on the golf team and be able to consider pursuing the PGA Tour when I graduate.”

OK, what are some goals you and your Junior Golfer can set today?

You’re up on #1tee…till next time…Sam Jr

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