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Junior Golf: How To Give Good Advice-Like A Good Caddy

In this Monday Mulligan we will take a quick look at what happens when the proper kind of advice and support is furnished at the right time during competition.


As parents, we have unending opportunities to offer input to our kids. How effective is that information, that is the real question here? It’s important to understand both your and your junior golfer’s personalities so that your words are offered in the manner which will be most effective for your kiddo’s personality type.

Our young athletes have plenty of pressure and Mom and Dad we are in a position to help them effectively deal with that stress. Whether it’s a tough homework assignment, an upcoming test, a golf tournament or just a part of dealing with everyday life and relationships, our children don’t have the answers. They need our help, proper help.

Today’s example deals with the relationship between professional golfers and their caddies. While we tend to think of our golf pros as stand-alone individuals, they really do have a teammate, in their caddy. This is the only person available to give advice and input during competition. The old school take on caddies was something like, “show up, shut up, keep up.” This attitude is not the most effective. Sometimes you will see the winners of tournaments give praise to their caddies for offering timely and effective input during a round.

The most recent example is Jordan Spieth praising his caddy, Michael Greller. Jordan is known to be an approachable, respectful and polite young man who values all his team members. So it was no surprise when, during his brief post-game interview with Peter Kostis after winning the Travelers event with a holeout from a greenside bunker to defeat Daniel Berger on the 1st playoff hole, Jordan offered great praise about how Michael had helped him, “step back, get my breathing under control and reset during a very tough day on the golf course (paraphrased).”


Photocredit:golf digest

Talk about proper and effective input at the right time! The result was winning the tournament. Dad and Mom that’s the kind of results we want when we caddy for our kids. Wow, big-time!

All of us, parents and kiddos, need to get better at this. And you know what folks, the better we adults get at doing these 3 things, the better we’ll be at helping our kids.

See you on #1 tee under control… Sam

Junior Golf: 3 Lessons From The Thrilling Final Round Of The Masters

In today’s Monday Mulligan we will take a look at 1 of the most exciting days ever in a professional golf tournament. There were so many incredible happenings that the announcers were peddling as fast as they could just to try to keep up!m


Here are some things Linda and I hope you will review with the junior golfer in your family:
Predictions are only worth so much. With a star-studded leaderboard, the announcers were discussing possible outcomes from Sunday’s play. While Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose, in the final group were serious contenders, most of the talk was about Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler in the next to last pairing. The analysts expected great things from these 2 young guns as each was on a roll and playing well. Sergio on the other hand, was playing in his 61st major and had never won. Justin Rose, with a seriously strong pedigree was given due respect as a possible green jacket winner as were several others in the field. Again, most of the talk was about how Jordan and Rickie were primed to make runs at the title. Perhaps you know the results. Sergio beat Justin on the 1st playoff hole. Jordan shot 75. Rickie shot 76. So much for predictions!
Sir Nick hasn’t seen everything. When Russell Henley jarred-holed out his 185-yard approach shot on #5 for an eagle it was a flag-rattling sight. The ball entered the cup on the fly, no bounces. Yes, this has been seen many times previously by all of us. The ball, however, upon entering the hole, actually damaged some turf around the edge of the hole and broke off a piece of the cup, rendering it in need of repair, and of the course, the turf needed to be fixed as well. By rule, a player cannot do these tasks. They must be done by course staff under the auspices of rules officials. So, staff were quickly brought in, the broken tin cup was removed, the turf repaired and a new cup was cut, by rule within the proper distance from the original cup and play was resumed. Sir Nick commented that in all his time around golf and golf tournaments, he had never seen this situation. Very fascinating and interesting stuff!
A very young fan can take home a once-in-a-lifetime memory from The Masters. Matt Kuchar got on a roll on the back 9. On the par 3 16th, he stepped up and hit a 7-iron. The shot looked good in the air, but Matt could only see the flag, not the cup, from the tee box. The thundering roar of the crowd told him his shot had gone in for an ace. What a thrill for all the fans and, of course, Matt. But the biggest thrill, at least for 1 little fan, was yet to come. Kuchar walked up, acknowledged the crowd, pulled his ball from the cup, wiped it off and signed it. As he exited the green he handed the ball to 1 of the youngest golf fans in sight. How old was he? Don’t know but he obviously knew something about golf because he was absolutely elated when Kuchar handed him the autographed ball. What a beautiful gesture by a true gentleman and he gave that boy a treasured memory! That’s what our sport is about! Be sure to check out the link above, it’s worth it!



There were so many special moments yesterday, there is no way to do them justice here, so let’s wrap up and congratulate Sergio on a great victory!

See you on #1 tee ready to make some memories… Sam

Junior Golf: The Masters

In today’s Wednesday Waggle we take a look at the men’s 1st major championship of the year and play starts tomorrow. Just to show you how nearly everybody in the world of golf is trying to tie in to The Masters, here are some examples of what’s available this week. (Dufner photo

1st and foremost, record the golf and the related talk shows like the Golf Channel’s Live From The Masters which airs all week long from Augusta National Golf Club. These “Live From” shows are great with amazing interviews and insights that your son can’t get anywhere else. If you don’t have a TiVo or some sort of recorder for your tv, please consider adding 1 to your tv provider package. Yes, I know it’s extra money, but if you and your son are serious about junior golf, this should be part of your budget. And yes, you need to get a tv package that includes The Golf Channel.

We have used DirecTV for years and they are a superior provider. For the majors they air extra broadcast channels and for The Masters it’s channels 701-705, showing featured holes, featured groups, etc., great stuff! ESPN, DirecTV channel 206, airs the tournament on Thursday and Friday starting at 2:00pm central time. Then CBS, DirecTV channel 5 here in San Antonio, airs it Saturday and Sunday also starting at 2:00pm central time. For Sunday, the final round, always records at least 2 hours extra after the end of scheduled broadcast time to capture any playoffs or just overrunning of time. This happens more often than you would expect.image

Just about every golf entity is relating their week’s activities to The Masters, and why wouldn’t they, certainly we are doing it here. Golf World, Golf Digest and the other big golf media companies are loaded with posts and featured articles about this tournament. Some are historical, some are current events and some are barely filler material, but all are worth at least a glance. Your son can get a grasp on some of the great moments in golf history and you can enjoy learning these things together. Quality time. This fires most kids up! S3 would be ready to get in the car and leave right now to go watch in person! It’s good for your Junior golfer to be excited about his sport. (image

Future Champions Golf in California is offering some discounts for event sign-ups when you do it through April 10, relating to The Masters. Big golf retailer Golfsmith is having a Par 3 Sale relating to the famous Masters Par 3 event. GolfNow also is using Masters references in their ads and emails promoting their discounted green fees. Masters mania is everywhere this week and you might take advantage of some of these specials and save a few bucks. Enjoy!

See you on #1 tee ready for a major round of golf… Sam

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