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Junior Golf: Encourage Being Grateful

In today’s Monday Mulligan we will look at how important it is for parents to encourage their junior golfer to be grateful. There are considerable benefits for your son if he accepts this attitude. (image

Grateful and thankful as well as gratefulness and thankfulness are almost identical in their definitions. Grateful: warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful. Thankful: pleased and relieved; expressing gratitude and relief.

This past Friday a rare event, at least on the worldwide stage, happened here in Washington, DC, the peaceful transition of power. Every 4 years since George Washington left office for John Adams, this uniquely and consistently American event has taken place. It doesn’t matter who you voted for Mom and Dad, what’s important is that we should all be grateful/thankful to live in a country where 2 people with vastly differing views can hand off the power of the President from 1 to the other peacefully and civilly.

Today there are a couple of countries where a new leader has been elected but the previous ruler is refusing to leave office. Now there are threats of troops needing to oust the old to be able to being in the new. A civil war could follow as masses loyal to each person clash.

Then there are countries like Zimbabwe where the population desperately wants a change but the man in power refuses to leave. Corruption is rampant and the masses are restless. This is a tough place to be right now. One of S3’s college teammates is from this country so we are able to get accurate accounts of what’s going on. And there are a number of additional countries with a similar situation.


So what does this mean for your son? It means he lives in one of those few countries where rule of law is still observed by most of the population. It means he doesn’t have to worry about a civil war breaking out while he’s in school or on the golf course. It means he can go about his daily business while being aware there are bad people, bad situations and poor choices in life but in the good ole USA there is so much to be thankful for!

New research is coming out that emphasizes that 1 of the keys to having a better quality life and a longer life is for individuals to have and exhibit a grateful/thankful attitude. Check out this article: How Gratitude Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing.

Emphasize to your son how fortunate he is to be able to play the wonderful sport of golf and it is appropriate for him to be grateful for this opportunity because not everyone is in the same position he is in. Being grateful for the chance to play golf is, of course, only a small part of what should be an encompassing attitude of gratitude for everything in his life. Encourage gratitude and thankfulness in all things. He’ll catch on and be a better guy because of it.

See you on #1 tee looking grateful… Sam

Junior Golf:Time To Be Thankful

In today’s Wednesday Waggle let’s start right now and get into the attitude of being thankful. Tomorrow is a special day and please take a breath, get your grocery shopping out of the way and enjoy being with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day. (Dufner photo
Whatever your situation, if you take a minute you can surely find some things to be truly grateful and thankful for. Some small, some large but there are still more beautiful things in your life than you may have originally imagined.
See you on #1 tee looking thankful that you live in a country that loves golf… Sam


Image: Happy Thanksgiving Images

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