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Junior Golf: Summer Dreams

In this Monday Mulligan we will look at 1 of the most fun times of summer, those times when your daughter can picture herself on the high school golf team or a college golf team or even playing on the LPGA Tour. Summer is a time for dreams!img_0135

Mom and Dad, what are your dreams? What dreams do you have for your junior golfer? If you are not sure, I hope you will consider dreaming again for you and your whole family. Perhaps you are of the ultra-pragmatic and practical nature and don’t put much value in dreams or think they are silly. (photo

As our dear friend Nelson, who pitched in the Houston Astros system, is a gifted athlete and excellent amateur golfer said, “If you don’t have any dreams, why do you even get out of bed?” Dreams are that extra motivation that will keep your daughter plugging away at improving her golf game even when she is not all that fired up about it. And dreaming can fluctuate depending on the number of distractions going on at any 1 time. It’s human nature.

As Tom Lehman said to David Feherty, while they were talking about the time, years ago, that Lehman had lost his privileges on the Tour and when he, Tom, started seriously working on his game to get his Tour card back, he had 3 things to keep him motivated, “I wanted to win a major championship, be #1 in the world and be the leading money winner.” Feherty replied, “Those are pretty lofty goals for someone who just lost their card.” Tom Lehman said, “You’ve got to have big dreams!” How true it is! (photo

Many of us have been laughed at and made fun of for saying our dreams out loud or stating them to the wrong people. And it can hurt. Parents, encourage your junior golfers to dream, it’s the stuff that real life is made of. Virtually every top athlete will tell you they always dreamed of being on the LPGA Tour or wanted to play in the Olympics or win a World Championship. There must be a carrot at the end of the stick.

Yes, not everyone will want to put in the effort to compete at the highest levels, but your girl can still dream about it and maybe 1 day she will really get after the hard work part. Encourage, don’t push. Maybe a short-term dream is getting a new driver or putter or a very cute new golf outfit. Those are dreams that can be realized and serve as inspiration to keep those big dreams alive. Having dreams is essential!

See you on #1 tee dreaming about playing college golf… Sam

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