After Golf Camp: Summer-long Improvement For Your Junior Golfer

imageAfter golf camp is a great opportunity to keep your junior golfer on a path of steady improvement in his golf game for the rest of the summer. Today’s Wednesday Waggle focuses on how to use one of the hidden benefits of golf camp to help your youngster enjoy their golf.

Most kids really love golf camp. They get better at golf and make new friends that they can play junior golf with. If you didn’t have an opportunity to watch any of the camp, ask the instructor what aspects of the golf game were covered. Hitting, chipping, putting, rules and integrity will certainly be on the list. Ask your child what their favorite thing was about camp.

Depending on their age and passion for the game the response maybe simply be ” I loved being outside.” Remember your junior golfer is still a child and there will be times in tournaments that they will be distracted by butterflies and turtles until they are almost teenagers.

S3 stayed in touch with a number of golf camp buddies throughout his junior golf career and still sees several of them today. Hanging around junior golfers is good for your kiddo. Most of them are well-socialized and well-mannered. As an adult friend of ours said, “I like being around golf courses and I like being around golf people.” How true it is!


Use golf camp to increase your child’s number of friends, especially golf friends. You will be glad you did. This is a not often talked about bonus of attending golf camp.

So call up Tommie’s parents and see if they want to meet at the driving range. See you on #1 tee… Sam.

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