Junior Golf: PGA Village

In this Friday Flop Shot we will look at 1 of the premiere golf resorts in the world. This is a fabulous place our family has become well acquainted with over the last 4 years.image

Folks, we’re talking about the PGA Village in Port St Lucie, Florida. It is on the east coast of Florida about 2 hours north of Miami International Airport and about 3 hours south of Jacksonville. This is a golf resort with so much to offer, it’s hard to do it justice in a blog. With 54 holes of championship golf, a wonderful staff, excellent restaurant, plenty of teaching pros, lessons and camps and the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, it is the ultimate experience for a golfer of any age. Yes, and your junior golfer has plenty to do here. (photo offcoursegolf.com)

Stay and play packages are available and if you haven’t filled up your summer vacation calendar, I suggest you take a look at this great facility. Frankly, I can’t say enough good things about the PGA Village. S3 has been here the last 4 years playing in the PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship and he and all the young men and women and their families are treated like PGA pros. The warm welcoming atmosphere and the attention to every detail to provide an environment above and beyond anything these young adults have ever seen is amazing! Players, coaches and families will tell you that they are treated fabulously here and it is hard to imagine being treated any better.image

And the golf courses are perfect. As PGA Village Membership Director Jack Lutz told us, “This is where the PGA is able to offer regular folks the quality of golf courses that the tour pros play.” And he’s not kidding or bragging, it’s a fact. After S3 finished the event his freshman year he told me, “Dad, this (Ryder Course) is the best golf course I’ve ever played on. Every blade of grass is perfect and if you read the putts right, the ball goes in the hole.” Now keep in mind our son has played on a ton of top quality golf courses, so this was a strong statement. This year, his Aussie teammate, Adam, was at PSL and he is Einsteinian in his knowledge of golf course grasses and he said that unequivocally this was the finest Bermuda he had ever seen. Yes, there are agronomists who can provide grass at this high level for those of us not on tour!

The point here Dad and Mom is that the complete atmosphere at the PGA Village is an amazingly successful 1 that many resorts strive for but few achieve. It all starts at the top with PGA’s top executives and permeates through the whole staff from PGA Village General Manager, Jimmy Terry, to every person working in the grill, restaurant, cart barn or golf course. The PGA Golf Club is part of the PGA Village. Check them out at pgavillage.com.

See you on #1 tee, maybe at the Ryder Course at PGA Village… Sam

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